Indy Arts Council seeks community input for five-year strategic plan – Indianapolis News |  Indiana Weather |  Indiana Traffic

Indy Arts Council seeks community input for five-year strategic plan – Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather | Indiana Traffic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indy Arts Council is putting together a five-year plan for future programs and is seeking input from central Indiana residents about the region’s arts and culture scene.

As the leading arts services and advocacy agency in central Indiana, the Indy Arts Council encourages meaningful participation in the arts by fostering a culture where artists and arts organizations thrive.

This new strategic plan will guide the council’s future programs, services and advocacy efforts.

Community involvement

Central Indiana will invite residents to share their opinions on the city’s growing arts and culture scene through a short survey. This initiative seeks to ensure that all community members have access to artistic, cultural and entertainment experiences that are meaningful to them.

Importance of community contribution

Understanding how the community relates to arts and culture is crucial for the council. For those not currently involved, the council hopes to identify barriers and find ways to help remove them. This feedback is essential to ensure that the council’s efforts effectively meet the needs of the community.

Using survey results

The Indy Arts Council will use anonymous feedback and survey results to shape the future of arts in the region and improve the quality of life for residents.

Know more

To learn more about the Indy Arts Council’s strategic plan and contribute, click here. The deadline for the survey is June 30.

Website redesign

Aligned with its mission to increase the accessibility of the arts in central Indiana, the council has redesigned its website. The new site features dynamic directories, event listings, news and resources, all located in one central location.

Features of the new website.

The redesigned website is aimed at a diverse audience, including artists, creatives, arts and culture enthusiasts, community and corporate partners, donors and curious neighbors. Key features include:

  • Artist and public art directories: Essential tools to discover art and artists within the community.
  • Neighborhood guides: Allow users to explore lesser-known arts and cultural experiences in various neighborhoods.
  • Resources for artists: A variety of resources and opportunities available to artists.
  • Event listings: A complete list of artistic and cultural events in the city, with filtering options by category or location.

Indy Arts Council’s strategic planning and website redesign are important steps in fostering a more inclusive and accessible arts environment in central Indiana.

For more information, visit the council’s website.