Cheapest Grocery Store in US Has 21 Locations in MA

Cheapest Grocery Store in US Has 21 Locations in MA

I think one thing most of us can agree on is that food is not going to get cheaper anytime soon. Whether you’re grocery shopping or dining out, it seems like you can burn a hole in your wallet these days just by buying food and Massachusetts is no different. Of course, this makes things even more difficult for people trying to make ends meet, as gas, rent, mortgage, diapers, and more everyday needs increase when it comes to trying to stay within a budget.

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There are ways people in Massachusetts can reduce their food costs

If you find that your food costs are getting out of hand, there are ways to save. In addition to clipping coupons and discovering the best deals and sales week after week, you may want to consider trying a completely different grocery store. Ramsey published an article listing the cheapest grocery stores in America in 2024, and of the 10 stores on the list, Aldi took the No. 1 spot, which is good news for Massachusetts shoppers. Why is this good news? Well, if you live in Massachusetts and want to switch to ALDI, the chain has 21 locations throughout the Baystate.

ALDI is the cheapest grocery store in the United States and this is great news for Massachusetts shoppers, but how does the supermarket chain keep food costs down?

According to the article, Aldi can keep costs down by using the following methods and techniques:

  • Aldi makes customers rent and return their own shopping carts.
  • Their employees do not package their purchases. (It’s a DIY experience.)
  • Also, they don’t offer free bags. (Bring your own, pay for Aldi bags or carry things in your hands).

This may be a little more work for the buyer, but as stated in the article, you will save a lot compared to other stores.

There is a list of recommended items Massachusetts shoppers should purchase at Aldi’s

Ramsey’s article also lists the best things to buy at Aldi, including the following:

  • Baking supplies
  • fresh products
  • Came
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Canned goods (which can be as little as $0.65 per can!)

Ramsey’s Tip: Aldi’s special offers change every week. While you’re planning your meals and creating your shopping list, search your zip code on their website to see what’s on sale in your area.

Aldi has more than 21 locations in Massachusetts

According to the grocer’s website, Aldi has 21 locations throughout Massachusetts, including larger areas such as Worcester, Springfield and Brockton. You should be able to find an ALDI fairly close to you and start seeing your food costs drop immediately. You can see the full list of Aldi locations in Massachusetts by going here.

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