Mike Braun introduces lieutenant governor candidate to northeast Indiana delegates |  News

Mike Braun introduces lieutenant governor candidate to northeast Indiana delegates | News

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT) – Sen. Mike Braun won his Republican primary for Indiana governor in May, but his pick for lieutenant governor still needs to clear one more hurdle before joining him on the November ballot.

Braun visited Fort Wayne Saturday afternoon with Julie McGuire, the state House representative he selected as his running mate.

Braun and McGuire met with dozens of political leaders and state delegates from across Northeast Indiana as they prepare to choose a candidate for lieutenant governor at the party’s 2024 State Convention.

“We want a united party. Mike wants a partner. I’m doing something I love to do. It’s working in public policy. I’m a learner. I’m a collaborator and I think my experience has been receptive. I appreciate that,” McGuire said Saturday.

Braun and McGuire made their presentation to delegates and answered questions inside a Fort Wayne hotel meeting room.

Julie McGuire candidate for lieutenant governor

Braun says dozens of people have reached out to him to express their interest in running as their lieutenant governor. He says he instead approached McGuire to ask him to take on the role.

Although McGuire is in the midst of his first term in the state House, Braun says he is impressed by his work ethic and values.

“Of the number of people who wanted to be lieutenant governor, none of them were focused on what was most important. How do you work with the legislature? Do you understand the process and will we be in sync on what we need?” do?” Braun said.

The 2024 Indiana Republican State Convention will determine who will be on the ballot as the Republican candidate for both lieutenant governor and attorney general.

Delegates are expected to choose current Attorney General Todd Rokita to defend his seat, but there is another name on the list for lieutenant governor.

Central Indiana pastor Micah Beckwith filed to run for lieutenant governor in March, despite not having the endorsement of a gubernatorial candidate.

Beckwith wrote that he wanted to be more than a “ceremonial appointment” when he applied.

The delegates Braun and McGuire met with Saturday morning could help decide whether Braun can bring his preferred candidate with him to the November vote.

The State Convention is scheduled for Saturday, June 15.

Profile of Mike Braun

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