Father sentenced to 283 years for sexually abusing 2 daughters

Father sentenced to 283 years for sexually abusing 2 daughters


Samuel Rhyner, 43, faces life in prison after being sentenced Friday for sexually abusing his two daughters during their childhood, authorities said.

Rhyner received six life sentences with an additional 73 years, according to the Maricopa County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Throughout the trial, the defendant continued to deny responsibility for his actions, causing further trauma to the victims,” a statement from the MCAO states.

In June 2020, a family member alerted the Phoenix Police Department that Rhyner had sexually abused his biological daughter and stepdaughter over the course of their childhood. In the case of one of the victims, the abuse began when she was 4 years old.

One of the victims shared a statement during the sentencing:

“I have scars on my body and more on my soul. He was supposed to be my protector and instead he decided to rip my innocence away from me. He will never understand the way he hurt me.”

Rhyner received a life sentence for each count of sexual conduct with a minor, five years for one count of sexual abuse and 17 years for each count of kidnapping and sexual abuse of a child.

All sentences must be served consecutively, resulting in 283 years in prison, according to the MCAO statement.

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