Florida’s 2024 tax-free holiday extended to June 14

Florida’s 2024 tax-free holiday extended to June 14

Florida’s 2024 tax-free holiday aims to help residents save money as they prepare for hurricane season by providing tax breaks on essential items. The current duty-free holiday runs through June 14, 2024 and then returns from August 24 to September 6, 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the covered items and their respective price limits:

  • $10 or less: Wet food for dogs or cats if sold individually or its equivalent in a box or case.
  • $15 or less: Manual can openers, foldable or travel-sized pet feeders or waterers, cat litter trays, pet waste disposal bags, hamster or rabbit substrate.
  • $20 or less: Reusable ice, leashes, pet collars and muzzles, pet pads.
  • $25 or less: Cat litter weighing 25 pounds or less.
  • $40 or less: Portable self-powered light sources, pet beds.
  • $50 or less: Self-powered portable radios, two-way radios, weather band radios, gasoline or diesel fuel tanks, batteries (specific sizes: AA cells, AAA cells, C cells, D cells, 6 volts, 9 volts). volt).
  • $60 or less: Non-electric refrigerators for food storage, portable power banks.
  • $70 or less: Smoke detectors, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, tarps or other flexible waterproof sheets, ground anchor systems, portable pet kennels or carriers, dry dog ​​or cat food weighing 50 pounds or less, over-the-counter pet medications.
  • $100 or less: Portable generators used to provide light, communications, or preserve food during a power outage.
  • $3,000 or less: N/A (The uploaded document does not specify elements for this category.)

The sales tax exemption does not apply to the rental or repair of any qualifying items. Additionally, the sales tax exemption does not apply to sales at a theme park, entertainment complex, public accommodation establishment, or airport.

This tax break is a great opportunity for Florida residents to stock up on hurricane preparedness supplies and save money in the process. For more detailed information, visit Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Exemption.