George Galloway launches Workers Party campaign with attack on Labor Party

George Galloway launches Workers Party campaign with attack on Labor Party

George Galloway has launched the British Workers’ Party’s general election campaign with an attack on the Labor Party.

He told supporters that Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer was “indistinguishable” from Rishi Sunak and had “blood on his hands” over his position on Gaza.

Galloway said his party was fielding hundreds of candidates across the country and he would be “extremely disappointed” if the number chosen was not in double digits.

The party was founded by Galloway, a former Labor and Respect MP, in 2019, but rose to prominence after he won the Rochdale by-election earlier this year with a campaign dominated by his support for the Palestinians during the current war between Israel and Hamas. .

Speaking in Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner’s former Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, constituency, Galloway said: “I couldn’t tell you which is the lesser of two evils: Keir Starmer or Rishi Sunak.”

“I don’t know if they ask me to choose between this cheek or that ass cheek, because I have a preference.

“I want to give him a good beating on July 4 in the general elections,” said the party leader.

“They are indistinguishable in everything that matters: whether it is the economy or society. This is Blair against Blair in this election campaign.”

Galloway said he was “very confident” his party would get “hundreds of thousands of votes.”

He added: “Our candidates will make a decisive difference in the outcome of elections wherever we are. Either we win or we will decide who wins.”

Galloway has tried to address voters angered by Sir Keir’s position on the war in Gaza, saying he would be “speaking for the people Labor have abandoned”.

Critics argue the Labor leader took too long to call for a ceasefire in the conflict.

Galloway also accused Sir Keir of blocking left-wing pro-Palestinian candidates in favor of supporters of his leadership.

He said Sir Keir had kept “one of our country’s most established members of Parliament”, Diane Abbott, “in purgatory” for a year because she was “an outspoken supporter of the Palestinian people”.

The former shadow home secretary was suspended from the party last April for saying Jews, Irish and Travelers do not face racism “all their lives”.

She apologized but was not admitted back into the party until this week.

Galloway also cited the case of Faiza Shaheen, who was banned from standing as a Labor candidate in Chingford and Woodford Green after she allegedly liked a post on X that downplayed allegations of antisemitism.

“If this is how they run their own party, how do you think they would run the country?” he said.

The Workers’ Party manifesto includes a promise to raise the personal tax threshold for the lowest paid and scrap tax on the first £21,200 of wages for two million low-paid workers, as well as introduce a single wealth tax in all assets valued. more than 10 million pounds.

It also calls for “a single state in which everyone born in Palestine-Israel can live in peace with equal rights”, as well as a review of foreign policy and a referendum on the UK’s membership in the NATO military alliance.