To what extent is flooding a problem for Houston, according to the state plan?

To what extent is flooding a problem for Houston, according to the state plan?

HOUSTON – This year we have already had a good number of strong storms, many of which have flooded streets and houses. And Houston is certainly no stranger to flooding problems, but a new state flood plan shows how many people are susceptible to flooding.

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This is the state’s first flood plan. More than 5 million people or 1 in 6 people live or work in an area susceptible to flooding. In Champion Forest, for example, KPRC 2 reporter Bill Barajas spoke with neighbors Tuesday after storms hit and caused flooding.

The plan, which came out earlier this month, estimates that about 1.3 million Texas homes are in flood-prone areas. The Texas Water Development Board came up with the plan and says it is an effort to reduce the risk to those people (in those flood-prone areas) by finding solutions to protect Texas from further flooding and sea level rise.

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There are several ideas to help with flooding. Some of the recommendations include flood mitigation projects. Which could cost up to $49 billion, but more than half would go to the Ike Dike project, a coastal barrier that would help protect our region from storm surge during hurricanes.

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Another recommendation is a flood early warning system, which could help people know when to evacuate. This plan has been in the works for several years. The board was asked to come up with a plan in response to Hurricane Harvey.

The public can make comments in Austin during a meeting on May 30, 2024, and submit them online. The board will have a plan to deliver to the legislature by September 1.

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