Why Choose Our RMT in Downtown Vancouver For Back Injuries

rmt in downtown vancouverWhether it is chronic or acute, back pain can take you out of the race, sidelining you indefinitely. If you are suffering with a back injury, you know how debilitating it can be. Even the simplest everyday activities like tying your shoes, walking up and down the stairs, or simply sitting in a chair can be an uphill battle, causing some major discomfort.

If you have had enough of suffering from back pain, here are the top reasons to visit our RMT in downtown Vancouver for back injuries.

How back injuries happen?

Back injuries can happen for a wide range of reasons, from a major sports accident to poor shoe support. But just because you have battered your back, doesn’t mean you have to live in agony.
The first step to recovery is to reach out to Urban Active. We will help pinpoint the cause and find out the best massage treatment options to meet your specific needs.

How can an RMT help treat back injuries?

A back injury is one of the most difficult and painful situations to get under control. At Urban Active, the road to recovery begins with our

RMT in downtown Vancouver

  • Our registered massage therapist has the skills and the years of experience to help ease back pain and promote healing. If you are struggling with lower back pain, here are ways regular massage from our RMT can benefit you:
    Boost blood flow – Getting massages from a fully-trained RMT will help increase blood flow, improving recovery time and reducing aches and pains.
  • Reduce tension – Tension can cause pain and constriction of the lower back muscles. Working with our RMT will decrease muscle tightness, helping to improve posture and reduce pain.
  • Increase endorphins – Endorphins are the body’s natural mood boosters, known to relieve pain. Massage therapy will not only release these feel-good chemicals, but also lower stress hormones.

No two back injuries are the same. Here at Urban Active, our RMT will conduct a complete assessment of your condition and create a custom-tailored massage therapy treatment plan that suits you.

No matter how you have injured your back, no matter how old or young you are, people of all ages have benefited from our massage therapy treatments. Haven’t you suffered enough? Don’t put your life
on hold because of lower back pain. Let our massage therapist soothe achy muscles and relieve tension and pain. Learn more about a sports massage downtown Vancouver services.

When back injuries are preventing you from living your life to the fullest, book an appointment with our RMT in downtown Vancouver. Learn about our services to help you ease your back pain.  Learn more about:

rmt in downtown vancouver