Why Athletes Should Take Advantage of Deep Tissue Massage in Vancouver

deep tissue massage downtown vancouver back massageWhether you are an elite athlete or weekend warrior, no one wants pain injury to slow them down. If you are looking to ease your suffering and get back in the game, here are the reasons why you should take advantage of our deep tissue massage in Vancouver.

What is deep tissue massage?

Just as the name suggests, deep tissue massage is a technique used to manipulate the deeper layers of muscles and the fascia. The therapist applies firm pressure to those muscle knots, breaking up scar tissue and relieving aches and pain.If you have ever wondered what sports massage in Vancouver really means and what it can do for you, our RMT has you covered.

An RMT Helps Relieve pain

Are you experiencing nagging aches and pain? Deep tissue massage can treat a whole host of painful conditions, including sports injuries whiplash, disc degeneration, kyphosis, frozen shoulder, and so much more.

Why suffer with debilitating pain if you don’t have to?

Our RMT downtown Vancouver therapist will work her magic, busting up scar tissue, relaxing strained muscles, and decreasing chronic nerve pain. Improves flexibility and prevents injury. Ask any athlete, fluid flexibility is a must to stay healthy and injury free. However, intense training and exercise, and past injuries, can cause a build up of scar tissue, limiting flexibility that can lead to injury.

Don’t run the risk of injury when help is just a phone call away. With our highly skilled RMT, you can rest easy knowing she will get to those deep muscles and improve your range of motion. Learn more about a sports massage in Vancouver.

A Deep Massage Increases circulation

Better circulation means better performance. Getting regular deep tissue massages will go a long way to boosting blood flow, allowing the muscles to expel toxins and absorb fresh blood and oxygen. Is your circulation underperforming? When you come in for a sports massage treatment, you will be able to breathe deeper during your exercise routines. Learn about our RMT, Jacquie Sinclair

Reduces stress and anxiety with a deep tissue massage

We all want less tension in our lives. But, with so much crammed into our day, it can be a challenge to stave off stress. If you are trying to lower anxiety, sports massage can help by boosting the production of oxytocin (a feel-good hormone) and lowering levels of cortisol.At Urban Active, trained RMT professionals will soothe achy muscles and pinpoint trigger points to relieve tension and pain, easing your mind, body, and soul.Tired of suffering from aches, pains, and that old sports injury? Urban Active is your answer to relief. For a healing deep tissue massage in Vancouver, reach out to Urban Active Sport Therapy Clinic

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