Why Athletes Choose Our Sports Massage Near Me in Downtown Vancouver

Summer is here—and that means outdoor activities for Vancouverites everywhere. Unfortunately, that also means a greater risk of sports related aches and injuries. Don’t let pain keep you indoors this season. If you are typing “sports massage near me” in your search engine, your online quest is over. Read on to learn why athletes of all ages and levels choose our RMT in downtown Vancouver.

Stave off injuries with a sports massage

No one wants to be nursing an injury. After all, you have trained all year to get your body ready for the long list of awesome summer activities, from enjoying stand-up paddle boarding and beach volleyball to grinding up Grouse Mountain.
Don’t want to miss out on all the summertime fun? Our sports massage therapist applies deep tissue work or soft tissue manipulation to help you prevent injuries, keeping you at the top of your game.

Get back in the game

Ask any athlete, injuries are just part of the package. Whether you are into tennis, soccer, or running along the Vancouver Seawall, injuries can spring up anytime. When they do, you will need to visit an RMT that can help you recover as soon as possible.
When you want the very best in sports massage, experience for yourself why our massage therapist is a leading RMT in Vancouver. She will not only treat your current condition, but also help you recover from pre-existing injuries.

Boosts flexibility

Great flexibility is a big part of every successful athlete. But all those long hours training and competing can stiffen tissues and limit movement.
Here at Urban Active, our sports massage therapist can help boost your range of motion and improve flexibility, using a wide range of effective, soothing massage techniques.

Say goodbye to pain with an experienced RMT

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, pain can sideline you, keeping you off the field for the entire summer. Getting some sports massage from a fully trained professional will go a long way to alleviating achy muscles and tendons.
Why suffer with strains, sprains, and pain when you don’t have to? Visiting our RMT in Vancouver will help you win the war on pain, as well as treat delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after those grueling workouts.

Design custom treatment plans

No two sports injuries are the same. That is why you need an experienced, skilled RMT in Vancouver that can assess and treat your specific sports related issue.
At Urban Active, our sports massage therapist has over 20 years of hands-on experience. She has the training and knowhow to design an effective treatment plan, tailor made to meet your individual needs. Learn about our services like an experienced physiotherpist, tcm, traditional chinese medicine doctor, sports physio Vancouver services, and a local physio near me.

Tired of wasting time looking for the right “sports massage near me” in downtown Vancouver? Urban Active Sport Therapy Clinic is only a click away.

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