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Booked yourself a sports massage? Congratulations! There are heaps of benefits from massage therapy, from improved flexibility and reduced risk of injury to boosted recovery and alleviated muscle tension, just to name a few. If it's your first time coming for a treatment, here’s what you can expect at your first Vancouver sports

Health history

Before the treatment begins, you will be asked to fill out a health history form. Once you are done, the therapist will review the form and ask specific questions about your health concerns and treatment goals. Make sure to tell the therapist if you are allergic to a particular essential oil or are taking any pharmaceutical medications that might
affect treatment.


After going over your health history, your Vancouver sports massage therapist will probably do an assessment. You will be asked to perform specific movements around the affected area to help provide the therapist with a clearer understanding of your situation. A thorough assessment will not only help your therapist properly treat your issue,
but also shed some light on the cause of your symptoms.

Treatment plan

Prior to your massage, the therapist will design a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Your Vancouver sports massage therapist will use a wide variety of techniques, including deep tissue, soft tissue, and trigger point release to help find you relief.

During the massage

Usually, you will lie on a massage table, covered by a sheet, a blanket or a large towel. Make sure to let the massage therapist know if you are too cold or want the music changed. During the session, the sport massage therapist will use various types of pressure—fixed, movable, holding, vibration, rocking, kneading, or compression—to treat your

After the massage

At the end of the session, the therapist will leave the room, allowing you time to get dressed. When you are ready, the therapist will do a follow-up assessment to check for changes and comfort levels in your movement following the session. They may also suggest some exercises or stretches you can do at home. Finally, your sports massage therapist will let you know how many treatments it may take to meet your health goals. Contact us for a sports massage!

If you suffer from a sports related injury, massage can work wonders on your body. Now that you know what to expect at your first Vancouver sports massage, all that’s left to do is book your appointment.

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