Top Reasons You Should Choose a Registered Massage Therapist Downtown Vancouver

registered massage therapist downtown vancouver clinicExperiencing muscle pain and tension? Then you probably want to get some massage therapy. You’re not alone. The demand for this effective treatment has skyrocketed due to its many health benefits, from soothing achy muscles and lowering stress to increasing circulation and improving immune function. Choosing the best registered massage therapist downtown Vancouver is not such a daunting task anymore. Experience and knowledge of the human body are the top questions to ask when booking your next massage appointment.

With so many choices available for people seeking massage therapy, it can be downright confusing trying to pick the best option. Most people can’t even tell you the difference between a registered massage therapist and a masseuse. Without further ado, here is some handy information to help you choose the right massage therapist.
What separates registered massage therapists from the rest?
If you think all massage therapists are created equal, you’re wrong. Before anyone can work as a registered massage therapist, they need to enroll and complete a challenging massage therapy education program. They have to go through rigorous training at a recognized school with thousands of instruction hours before they can get an RMT designation.

Once they have graduated from their program, an RMT then must register as a member of a Regulatory College. Don’t put your health in the hands of an unqualified practitioner. Make sure the treatments you are getting are from a professional RMT.

Are RMTs’ services worth paying more for?

When it comes to massage therapy, you really do get what you pay for. While unqualified therapists might cost you less, they simply lack the proper skills and training to meet the treatment needs of their clients. RMTs, on the other hand, have a solid background in anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, nutrition, and a gambit of massage techniques.

As a result, these highly trained health care professionals can address a wide range of health issues, including chronic pain, whiplash, kyphosis, degenerative joint disease, lumbar disc disease, and so much more. If you want the full spectrum of benefits that can only come from a skilled RMT, it’s well worth the extra cost.

Can a RMT help the injury recovery process?

No one wants to experience pain. The first sign of discomfort is enough to have many of us racing off to the nearest massage therapist for some quick relief. While getting rid of pain is a good enough reason to get a massage, it shouldn’t be the only one. Working with an RMT will not only help treat painful symptoms of an injury, but also identify the root cause and play an integral role in the recovery process.

Do RMTs create treatment plans?

The road to recovery begins with the right treatment plan. A fully trained RMT uses a wide variety of muscle tests, massage techniques, and other therapeutic programs to give you the most effective treatment possible. Without a proper plan from an RMT, you could be doing more harm to your body than good.

If you are looking for the most effective massage therapy option, nothing compares to the care and quality of service you’ll receive from of a registered massage therapist. When it comes to healing injuries, easing pain, and relieving tension, an RMT has the training and the experience you need to meet your health goals.

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