Top Benefits of Sports Physiotherapy Vancouver Downtown

Swimming, running, and cycling—sports activities are loads of fun that offer up a ton of awesome health benefits. Unfortunately, physical activity also comes with its fair share of injuries. And when they happen, pains, strains, and sprains can compromise your training and keep you out of the game for a very long time.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or weekend warrior, you’ll want to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Tired of needlessly suffering from nagging sports injuries? Here are some of the top issues physiotherapy Vancouver downtown can help treat.

Pain Management treatments from Physiotherapy

Every now and then, we push our bodies a little too hard. And that’s when sports injuries crop up. Sometimes the aches and pains go away. Sometimes they don’t. Whether it’s acute or chronic, pain can prevent you from enjoying all the activities you love.

Don’t let sports injuries sideline you. A physiotherapist will assess the injury and create a recovery and treatment plan specifically designed to meet your needs. They will help manage your pain, using a wide range of treatment modalities, including mobilization and manual techniques, ultrasound, and dry needling, as well provide patient education.

Range Of Motion

If you experiencing tightness and pain in your muscles, joints, ligaments, or tendons, it can seriously hinder your range of motion (ROM). Stiff, sore tissue can not only keep you from exercising, but also make daily activities a real challenge.

Range of motion testing is a key part in any physiotherapy Vancouver downtown examination. Once your physio has determined the cause of your limited mobility, they will use different treatments and range of motion exercises to help restore your flexibility.


Getting back in the game is a top priority for most athletes. But if you push yourself too hard, too fast, you could make the injury worse (or permanent). A professional physiotherapist will create an individual rehabilitation and exercise plan to help you meet your performance goals. A physio will give you therapeutic exercises you can do at home and evaluate your level of progress in each follow up visit. With the help of a great physiotherapist, you’ll be back on the field, court, or ice, in no time.

Injuries happen—it’s how you deal with them that makes all the difference

Why try to heal a sports injury alone if you don’t have to? Physiotherapy Vancouver downtown helps you recover faster and restores your strength and flexibility, minimizing your chances of future flare-ups. Urban Active offers services in:

Don’t let sports injuries keep you on the sidelines. Contact Urban Active to speak with an experienced sports physio Vancouver service.