8 Facts about sports massage downtown Vancouver

Did you know that a sports massage can help heal your sports injuries?

deep massage downtown vancouverA sports massage from a registered massage therapist, also known as an RMT, can help greatly heal your body from an injury and a massage can speed up the recovery time from an injury too.

A sports massage downtown Vancouver massage therapist is specifically trained to help your body heal from car accidents, falls and sports injuries.

The massage therapist first warms the body through soft and lighter massage techniques to loosen the fascia. This technique is also known as myofascia release.  Once the fascia becomes warmer it is able to stretch and move easier allowing the massage therapist to push into deeper muscles that are tense or strained.

A sports massage helps relieve muscles tension, reduce pain, and remove added pressure that is straining on the bones.  A sports massage is an excellent way to help promote healing and aid the bodys’ natural healing process.

8 facts that a sports massage downtown Vancouver service offers you

1. A sports massage is effective in easing muscular tension as well as muscular balance restoration to help car accident victim, injuries from falls, and sports injuries.

2. Our massage therapist, Jacquie Sinclair, will adjust her massage pressures depending on your needs.

3.  A sports massage encourages the body to self heal

4. Massage therapy improves circulation and reduces swelling

5. Naturally detox and remove waste products such as lactic acid

6. Reduce chronic pain by stimulating or suppressing nerve activity

7. A sports massage can prepare the body for a sports event and mentally prepare the athlete

8. Sports massage is highly beneficial for athletes or people that have lots of repetition in their work duties and are prone to overuse injuries as the muscles are allowed to relax and recover fully before the next exercise

Sports injuries that a sports massage can help you heal from:

  • golfer’s elbow
  • tennis elbow
  • thrower’s shoulder
  • frozen shoulder
  • tendonitis
  • whip lash
  • chronic pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • shoulder and neck pain

Jacquie Sinclair the most experienced RMT Downtown Vancouver hands down or should I say hands on please has been massage therapist downtown Vancouver for over 20 years.  Asking Jacquie her personal opinion on makes a good sports massage she replied,

“My philosophy for a good sports massage is that it’s not how deep you go that’s important. It is important to understand where the body is at in the moment and work with the body to release the tension. Jarring moves and jabbing thrusts are not usually the best ways to promote healing in a sports massage.”


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