3 Things That Nobody Told You About Sport Massage Vancouver Services

Maybe you have heard about a sports massage Vancouver but do you really know why a sports massage can benefit your body, mind and spirit all in one session.

Learn the 3 things that nobody told you about sports massage Vancouver services

#1- Physical benefits of using sports massage Vancouver services

deep sports massage downtown vancouverDeep tissue sport massage Vancouver services help the pores in your body’s tissue membrane to open and allow fluid and nutrients to pass through.  A sports massage removes toxins and waster products like lactic acid to help the body repair muscles and bring in vital oxygen to the muscles to stimulate faster healing.

Sport massage break down scar tissue from old injuries and help relieve chronic pain. Breaking down scar tissue will add flexibility back into your muscles and tissues to promote repair and healing.

Sport massage Vancouver services warm and stretch the fascia that surrounds all your muscles in order to relieve strained tension on ligaments, muscles and tendons.

#2- Physiological benefits of using sports massage Vancouver services

The two best physiological benefits of a sports massage are pain reduction and a feeling of relaxation. A sports massage is able to stimulate the removal of waste products that can muscle pain and by stimulating the release of endorphins to help you naturally reduce the symptoms of pain.

We all need to relax more.  A sports massage is the perfect reason to reduce your stress and improve your mood.  When the massage therapist warms the muscles of your body, circulation improves and a gentle stretching of the muscles helps to relax your nerves and relieve tension build up to leave you feeling relaxed.

#3- Psychological benefits of using sports massage Vancouver services

The psychological benefits of a sports massage are very important to your daily well being and over all health. A massage reduces anxiety and leaves you feeling mentally stimulated from the improved circulation massage techniques that you receive during the massage.


I am sure that you knew that massage had some benefits but did you know that it benefits your physical, physiological and psychological well being all the same time.  Talk to Urban Active about booking your sports massage Vancouver service now. Our registered massage therapist has over 20 years of massage therapy experience and will be able to help you with all your health needs.

She regularly treats people with chronic pain, trauma, a variety of spinal diseases, whip lash symptoms, pain from a car accident, and slip and fall injuries.