Are you looking for a downtown RMT for sports massage Vancouver?

A conveniently located deep sports massage therapist can work wonders on your body! A deep sports massage can help you if you suffer from:
back pain massage therapy clinic downtown vancouver

  • chronic pain
  • whip lash
  • kyphosis
  • old sports injuries
  • back degeneration
  • disc bulge
  • dorsopathy
  • lumbar disc disease
  • disc degeneration
  • frozen shoulder
  • all spinal diseases

 Our RMT has 22 years of massage therapy experience

deep sports massage rmt vancouverOur RMT Downtown Vancouver massage therapist has over 20 years experience and we call her “magic hands”.  She busts up scar tissue, smooths back out strained muscles and decreases chronic nerve pain.  If you need someone to get in there and relax sore, painful achy muscles, we got your needs covered. This RMT Vancouver massage is deep and recommended for professional athletes, the weeekend warrior, chronic pain suffers, whiplash symptoms, irratated nerves, and strained muscles.

“Jacquie was an integral part of my rehabilitation from whip lash in my neck, shoulder, and mid back.  I suffered from chronic pain and whip lash symptoms from a work related accident. Jacquie was able to break down the scar tissue so I could go back to living a pain free and active lifestyle again. 


Thank you Jacquie, I would still be suffering with chronic pain if I had not had your massage therapy treatments to help me. You are the best RMT in Vancouver!”  Crista-lea K.

What is massage therapy?

rmt downtown vancouverMassage therapy Vancouver is both a science and an art. Jacquie has over 20 years experience as a certified massage therapist and when it comes to massage, experience speaks volumes!

Imagine Jacquie’s “magic hands” gliding along your body, soothing achy muscles and pinpointing trigger points to relieve tension and pain, easing your mind, body and soul.

You will quickly begin to understand that you are in good hands. It is time to let your bodies aches and pains melt away while you rest or chat and feel rejuvenated from our massage therapy Vancouver.

Our downtown Vancouver RMT / massage therapist has 20 years+ experience

Our registered massage therapist, RMT for short, has over 20 years experience which means you can rest assured that she knows how to get to those deep muscles that are causing you so much pain and help you find relief. Book with an RMT downtown Vancouver now!

The practice of massage has ancient roots, almost 4000 years old when physicians used it for healing. In modern times, with our vast knowledge of blood circulation, massage therapy is used as an effective means of recovering from and preventing injury.

deep massage downtown vancouverMassage therapy involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue with different types of strokes or pressure, mostly in combination with different massage oils that are aimed at relieving accumulated stress.

The pressure may be of various types – fixed, movable, holding, vibration, rocking, creating friction, kneading or compression. Most therapists use hands although other areas of the body, such as the forearms or elbows may also be used.

As the pressure or strokes are applied to different parts of the body, many physiological effects are experienced – muscles are stretched, blood circulation boosts throughout the tissues and there is a sedating effect on the entire nervous system.

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Different Kinds of Massage:

There are many conditions that can be relieved by a Vancouver sports massage therapist. These conditions include musculoskeletal issues such as sprains, strains, tendinitis, over use injuries, postural problems, stress, pregnancy and trauma, such as vehicular or work related accidents.

People of all ages can and do benefit from massage therapy.Nervous system and circulatory disorders are also aided by massage therapy. Different areas of the body that are treated by Massage.

Therapists include: Back, Neck, Shoulder, Chest, Abdomen, Face, Head, Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet. There are also many different types and styles of massage therapy. The therapist must use their discretion to determine what is the best type of massage treatment for the person about to receive a massage.


deep sports massage shoulder back neck downtown vancouverJacquie Sinclair is a deep massage expert.  With 22 years of massage experience, she has pretty much seen it all and helped her patients come back from chronic pain to live pain free again.

Benefit of Massage Therapy:

  • Increased Blood Circulation resulting in transportation of elevated oxygen and nutrients into tissues
  • Release of the body’s natural mood boosters – endorphin
  • Improved immune system
  • Lowering of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced calmness and clarity in thinking

It is highly recommended that one consumes a lot of water after a Massage Therapy session to ensure that any toxins released during the process are flushed out of the system. Recipients of massage suffering from any serious medical condition (cancer, heart disease, epilepsy) should have A referral from their Family doctor. If you would like physiotherapy downtown vancouver information we have lots to tell you.

Contact us to speak with us or book a massage therapy downtown vancouver appointment now. If you have never had a massage here is a great massage therapy educational video to show you an example of the techniques that Jacquie would perform on you. Urban Active also offers physiotherapist downtown Vancouver services.

Speak with Jacquie about your medical concerns and symptoms to find out which massage treatments will suit you best. She is conveniently located at #310 – 736 Granville St. (between Georgia and Robson), downtown Vancouver, BC.

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