Registered Massage Therapist Downtown Vancouver Helps Text Neck

 registed massage therapist downtown vancouver helps with text neckDid you know that the average person spends around four hours a day texting, emailing, or catching up on their social media sites?

That’s a big chunk of the day hunched over your phone, forcing your head into unnatural downward positions. If all that texting and smartphone use is literally becoming a pain in the neck, you could be suffering from “text neck.”

Constantly staring down at your screen or holding your phone between your ear and shoulder can put a put a huge strain on your
neck muscles. Over time, the neck forward position can result in irritation of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves that relate to the neck, additionally causing chronic upper back and shoulder pain. It may also lead to pain, numbness, or tingling in the arms or hands. Are you one of the many dealing with this all too common epidemic?

Some handy tips and a registered massage therapist in downtown
Vancouver can help you turn the tide on text neck. Here’s how.

Take a preventative approach to text neck

Obviously, prevention is the first step. This might seem a little awkward at first, but try to hold your phone at eye level when texting.
Taking frequent texting timeouts—every 15 minutes, or so—and holding your head back will help reduce symptoms. Or better yet,
leave your phone somewhere out of arm’s reach for awhile. Also, when you are reading on the sofa, place your smartphone on a pillow to raise it to a higher level.

If you want to avoid the postural problems that come with talking on the phone, use the speaker, ear buds, or handsfree option during your calls. This will allow you to keep your head in the upright position, alleviating neck and shoulder muscle strain.

Visit a registered massage therapist in downtown Vancouver for text neck

For all you heavy texters out there (you know who you are), one of the best ways to address text neck is to visit an RMT in downtown Vancouver. A professional massage therapist will target the muscles of the neck, upper back, and shoulders, relieving tension and pain. Professional therapists will also use specific exercises, stretching, and passive resistance to unlock stiff muscles, boosting blood flow to promote healing and rehabilitate spine and neck issues.

Got text neck? Taking some preventative measures and scheduling an appointment with a registered massage therapist in downtown Vancouver will help reduce the injury or damage caused by an abnormally bent neck and poor posture.

Visit RMT downtown Vancouver services to learn more about relief for your pain. Urban Active Sports Therapy Clinic also offers physiotherapist downtown Vancouver services to aid in your recovery.

If you are struggling with symptoms associated with text neck, contact Urban Active today!

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