Your Back Pain & How A Physio Vancouver Downtown Office Resolves Them

Whether you have poor posture or are suffering from a traumatic back injury, physiotherapy is recognized as one of the most effective means of treatment for back pain.  This is because physiotherapists have specialized training, and the treatment they provide is proven to reduce and eliminate pain symptoms in almost all cases. Physio Vancouver downtown office treat a variety of conditions including illness, disability, or injury.

When treating back pain, a physiotherapist tend to look at your lifestyle as a whole to determine which treatment and lifestyle habits you need to assimilate in order to relieve the problem.  In the case of back pain, most patients are referred to a physiotherapist for up to four weeks, and in the rare case that the issue doesn’t go away, surgery may be required. Physiotherapy downtown Vancouver services can help you heal from back pain.
How Back Pain Works:
The lower back’s stability is largely dependent on the supporting abdominal muscles and lower back muscles.  When these muscles are compromised due to injury or fatigue, pain and inflammation can begin to develop.  The abdomen provides initial support to the spine while strong muscles surrounding the spine serve to further enforce stability, so when these muscles aren’t functioning correctly, extra strain on the spine worsens inflammation and can sometimes cause severe pain, numbness, poor posture, and even poor coordination.
Top Causes of Back Pain
Back Muscle Strain:
This occurs from attempting to lift heavy objects with poor posture, from general muscle fatigue, or from lifting objects from the waist rather than from your knees.  Whether in the gym or at work, poor lifting posture is one of the main culprits of a lower back muscle strain.  Fortunately, with stretching and rest, strain symptoms are the easiest to relieve; however, if you don’t act quickly, the condition can worsen and cause additional pain and damage.
Ligament Sprains:
Ligaments can quickly become torn after a car accident or some kind of severe trauma and is much more severe and debilitating than a muscle strain.  This kind of injury is also easy to detect because you will simply be unable to move about properly.  Ligament tears, along with bulging disks, often require surgical treatment followed by intensive care.
Bulging Discs:
This is when a disk presses on a nerve, causing numbness, tingling, or spasms.  A bulging disc is sometimes hard to diagnose because pain can come from a completely different part of the body like the heart, arm, kidneys, or you could have no pain at all in some rare cases.  Typically, bulging discs are caused by sudden trauma, smoking, and even inactivity.
Poor Posture:
Slouching while sitting, poor lifting posture, and generally poor overall posture can cause unnecessary strain on the back muscles, ligaments, and joints.  Treating poor posture is simple because in most cases interjecting exercise into your daily routine can completely solve the problem over time.

A Breakdown of Physiotherapy Vancouver Downtown Treatment Options

The two main types of physical therapy are passive physical therapy and active physical therapy.
Passive Physical Therapy:
Passive physical therapy includes heat application, ice packs, and electrical stimulation on the back in the case of strains or muscle fatigue.  This helps by relieving inflammation in the back, which causes the pain, and increasing blood flow so that the muscle heals more quickly and effectively.  Following this treatment can also include light exercise and stretching that target the affected area.
Active Physical Therapy:
This form of therapy focuses on specific exercises and stretching.  For lower back treatments, active exercise is the focus of the physical therapy program. A physiotherapist’s step-by-step treatment plan for back pain is as follows:
Relieving Back Pain and Inflammation:
The first symptom you would like to address is the very first thing a physiotherapist works to alleviate.  To lessen pain, a physiotherapist uses ice, electrotherapy, taping techniques, and even acupuncture in some cases.  Your doctor may also prescribe pain medication along with this phase of treatment.
•    Building/Restoring Muscle Strength:
After the pain has subsided, your physiotherapist will turn to core strengthening and stability exercises.  The main focus of this step is to discover where your back muscles are the weakest so that the next step of treatment can work on these areas.
•    Restoring Full Mobility:
The focus of this step is to restore your back to normal function so that you can get back to your daily activities.  Here, you will complete further exercises that will target the weakest back muscle areas so you can begin to slowly assimilate into your previous lifestyle.
•    Preventing Future Strain:
Often patients can have a resurgence of back pain after treatment.  This is either due to improper rehabilitation or the patient reverting to old habits that caused the pain in the first place.  During this step, your physiotherapist will prescribe new exercises and habits that you will need to assimilate into your lifestyle to prevent any future pain.
Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of the intensive exercise required in most sports, poor overall standing and sitting posture, or heavy lifting at work.  While you may be able to treat minor back pain at home with a few conscious changes in your lifestyle, in most mild to severe cases, a Physiotherapist is your best bet to alleviate and prevent future strain and pain. Contact physio downtown Vancouver services are conveniently located close to Skytrain station on Granville St. and Georgia.

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