The knee joint is the most abused joint in the body, taking the full weight and brunt of your daily activities.  Whether you are injured, age has finally caught up, or your knees are generally worn from exercise, messaging the knee is a vital process to enhance healing, reduce pain, and even prevent further injury.  Message therapy is a method of treatment that serves to increase blood flow and oxygen into a joint by loosening the muscles and breaking down scar tissue.

Self massage therapy tips

Massage therapy is an excellent way to reduce pain and sore tendons and ligaments. Below is a simple eight-step, self-massage therapy routine that is sure to reduce knee pain and speed your recovery.
•    Before beginning this process, you must completely relax your body and your knee joint.  To accomplish this, first take 10-15 deep breaths from your diaphragm.  This means you must breath all the way to full lung capacity (until you can go no further) and all the way out (also until you can go no further).  After this you will feel more relaxed, and you will have increased the amount of oxygen in your body.  Also, be mindful of your breathing throughout the entirety of this process, making sure to breathe semi-deeply.
•    First, place your foot flat on the floor and glide your hands softly around your knee for thirty seconds.  This will begin to loosen the muscles and prepare the knee for the rest of this process.
•    Next, use your hand to gently squeeze the muscles around the patella.  Be careful not to squeeze the patella itself but only the surrounding muscles to reduce tension on the joint.
•    After, use your fingers to press and roll against the surrounding muscles.  Do this for thirty seconds.
•    With your knee resting on a table or chair in front of you, use the palm of your hand to press and roll the muscles on the outside of you knee.  Do this for a minute and rub around any tight or sore muscles.
•    Next, begin to massage the muscles around the crease on the back of the knee.  Use the tips of your fingers to press against and rub the muscles on the back of the knee for thirty seconds and pay attention to any tightness or soreness.
•    Lastly, repeat step one and relax for fifteen minutes afterword.  This will allow blood to flow through the knee without any added pressure or strain.  You will notice less pain and tension and an overall reduction in your baseline pain level as you repeat this process as needed throughout the day, and coming weeks until the pain has commenced or severely reduced.

Learn about the benefits of massage therapy Vancouver

Self-massage therapy can be an effective activity that reduces pain.  If you are particularly prone to knee injury, soreness, or weakness, use this method after exercise as a precaution to prevent the onset of severe pain or tightness.  Also, if you have extra time before implementing this method, you can use hot water therapy (a hot bath) and cold-hot therapy to further loosen the surrounding muscles.  This extra step will enhance the effectiveness of treatment and reduce pain even more.

When self massage just isn’t enough

At times self massage therapy is just enough,  sometimes you need experienced hands to provide a deep sports massage vancouver or massage into the muscle and ligaments that are hard to reach for you.  Sometimes you need the pressure of a massage to loosen and smooth out the tension that can be difficult to achieve on your own.  If you find that your knee pain is not decreasing be sure to book an appointment either a physiotherapist in downtown Vancouver or an rmt downtown vancouver, like Jacquie Sinclair who has 24+ year of experience in massage therapy Vancouver.