massage therapy downtown vancouver for sad symptomsWinter is in full swing. With its shortened days, chilly temperatures, icy rain, and lack of sunshine, this time of year can trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for many people. This mood-altering condition can cause depression, lack of energy, and irritability during the cold months. Are you feeling SAD? Urban Active has the answer you have been looking for to help improve your mood and increase your energy.

No one likes feeling cold and miserable, but that is exactly what the wintertime can conjure up for a host of people across the Lower Mainland. If you or someone you know has the winter doldrums, read on to learn how massage therapy in Vancouver can help.

Boosts endorphins

Looking for an effective and natural way to reduce anxiety and depression? Perfect to beat the winter blues, massage therapy in
Vancouver ups those “feel good” endorphins. Those happy chemicals wash over your brain, helping you feel great and stave off depression.

Massage therapy relieves stress and stimulates wellbeing

The cold weather, coupled with those hectic schedules, can not only create stress, but also cause tense muscles in the neck and
shoulders. A soothing massage encourages the body to relax, allowing the stress and tension to melt away. If you want to alleviate anxiety this winter, a visit with our massage therapist will have you leaving calm and rejuvenated.

Reduce melatonin production to improve your winter blues

Too much of a good thing can be bad—yup, even the body’s chemical that helps us sleep. Excess melatonin has been shown to have a connection with SAD. Massage therapy in Vancouver can balance the endocrine system which may help regulate the production of melatonin.

Fend off illness and SAD symptoms

Wintertime colds and flu can affect your mood, making you feel even worse. Improve your health with some massage therapy. Soothing hands will increase blood flow, and that will improve your immunity, making you more resistant to illnesses throughout the cold season.

At Urban Active Sport Therapy Clinic, we know how serious SAD can be for many people in Vancouver. Those long, dreary days sure can take a toll on moods and minds. Fortunately, our massage therapist will help to improve your spirits and boost your energy, allowing you to beat the winter blues. Want to learn more about massage therapy in Vancouver? Reach out to Urban Active.

Has winter got you down? Now is the perfect time to schedule a massage appointment with us. Don’t let SAD get the better of you this season. Our skilled, professional massage therapist will put you at ease the moment you lie down on the table.

For relief from the symptoms of the winter blues, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, book your massage therapy treatment in Vancouver today.

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