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sport physio in downtown vancouverFor both teens and adults alike, the return of fall also means a return to physical activities, especially team sports. But after a long summer hiatus, your body might not be ready to handle the tough sport schedule ahead. If you want to avoid unnecessary injuries and boost your team’s chance of winning, physiotherapy is an important part of any team’s fitness program. Whether it’s hockey, basketball, lacrosse, or volleyball, here are some of the reasons why sport physio in Vancouver will help keep you in the game and off the sidelines this season.

A SportPhysio Improves strength and durability

Team sports can be demanding. Physical activity can put your body through the wringer, adding extra stress and strain that can lead to injury—and a short season. A sport physiotherapist will help you improve conditioning and sustain the extra physical exertion. By strengthening your bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments, you’ll be better prepared to take on all that physical trauma.

Prevent injury with local physiotherapy clinics Vancouver!

Rotator cuff tears, knee sprains, and wrist strains—no player wants to be sidelined with a sports injury, especially when the big game is on the line. By working with a physiotherapist, your entire team will get the proper advice, exercise routines, and treatment plans to prevent season-ending injuries like cartilage tears and anterior cruciate
ligament (ACL) sprains.

Increase flexibility with physiotherapy Downtown Vancouver services

Athletes depend on proper joint and muscle flexibility to excel at their sport. From swimming to baseball and everything in between, the body needs to be flexible to function at optimum efficiency. If you want to be on top of your game, a physiotherapist can give you and your team that extra competitive edge, year in and out.

Physiotherapy can Speed up the recovery process

No matter the level of your conditioning, on or off the field, accidents can happen. And if they do, injuries can keep you from the finish line or from hoisting that cup for another year. Don’t let an unfortunate
accident put an end to your team’s winning streak. Visiting a sport physio in Vancouver will help ensure a speedy recovery, getting you back on the court, ice, or track faster.

Getting geared up for another high-octane season? Make sure youand each member of your team has a sport physio in their corner to get the winning results you want this year.

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