Top 3 Reasons to visit a Downtown Vancouver RMT

#1- Convenient massage therapy appointments with Downtown RMT

Downtown Vancouver massage therapy clinic and physiotherapy

Urban Active located in the Block Tower at Granville St and Georgia St.

You probably have a busy schedule between your work schedule and your life.  You need to fit your massage therapy appointment into your lunch hour or in between your appointments.  Parking is expensive downtown and hard to find so you might be looking for a convenient registered massage therapist or RMT downtown Vancouver.

You may be in walking distance, biking or just a skytrain stop away from Urban Active in the clock tower located on Granville St in between Robson St and Georgia St. Urban Active has underground parking nearby if you are looking for parking.

Urban Active is located across the street from the Skytrain entrance and close to the major bus route on Georgia St and Granville St.  Their sophisticated office has earned a solid reputation for providing quality care, improving clients health and getting them back to a pain free life.

#2- Experienced RMT Downtown Vancouver Services

rmt downtown vancouverExperience speaks volumes when it comes to a massage. An experienced massage therapist has years of massage therapy experience and has the knowledge and skill to be able to heal your bodies aches and pain.

Jacquie Sinclair, RMT downtown Vancouver clinic owner, has 20+ years of massage experience.  Her specialty is a deep sports massage for chronic pain, sports injuries, and injuries from accidents.

#3-Deep sports massage with RMT downtown Vancouver

deep sports massage rmt vancouverIt is hard to find a registered massage therapy clinic that offers a “good” deep sports massage.  Some clinics are not certified and end up hurting you and tearing delicate muscles more.

The deep sports massage is the perfect combination of direct hard pressure to an injured or sore area while improving the health of the client rather than causing more damage through lack of experience or bad massage techniques.

An experienced sports massage therapist is worth their weight in gold to a person coping with chronic pain, migraines, or recovering from a sports injury.

Where can I find a massage therapist downtown with 20+ years experience?

deep sports massage downtown vancouverJacquie Sinclair has been a RMT in Downtown Vancouver for 20+ years.  Her hands speak volumes of her experience with the human body.  Her strength is an asset when it comes to implementing the correct amount of pressure needed to release sore muscles and calm nerve pain.

Her knowledge of injuries, symptoms and causes stem from her registered massage therapy education and experience. With 20+ years of massage experience her massage experience help her find the right massage techniques to ease pain and correct strained muscles.

Urban Active Sport Therapy Clinic also offers effective physiotherapy.  Learn more about convenient physio downtown Vancouver services to treat your injuries.  Find a convenient physio near me now.

Connect with Jacquie Sinclair at Urban Active. Book your conveniently located and experienced sports massage appointment with an Downtown Vancouver RMT. Call (604) 669-8233 now!