physio vancouver help with sleepSleep is glorious when you can get it.  You will have no idea what you are missing out on if you are a good sleeper. Are you having a tough time sleeping due to pain in your body? We all know the importance of getting quality sleep. But chronic pain can impede a peaceful slumber, impacting your productivity, mood, and even your health. If you want to improve your ability to sleep better, read on to learn how local physiotherapy downtown Vancouver services can make all the difference for you.

Address pain

Nagging, aching pain can make it virtually impossible to get your z’s. If you are suffering from lower back, shoulder, or hip pain, you know how
tough it can be to get the proper sleep you need. When you get physiotherapy downtown Vancouver, our trained professionals will not only diagnose your specific issue but also treat your pain so you can get back to a regular sleep schedule.

Offer sleeping position advice

Is your sleeping position causing you sleepless nights? Many people’s snoozing habits can impact sleep quality. When you consult with our physios, expect expert advice on proper sleeping positions. We will help you make the most of your sleep by ensuring your position maintains the natural curves of your spinal
structure, minimizing stresses and strains on your body.

Improve posture

Improper posture can wreak havoc on your sleep. Our physiotherapists understand how to fix posture issues that might be affecting your sleep patterns. By integrating targeted therapeutic strategies, interventions, methods, and techniques, your physiotherapist will assess, diagnose, and treat poor posture issues, giving you the quality shut-eye you deserve.

Provide exercise solutions

Exercise can play a big part in boosting your ability to sleep well through the night. But improper forms and techniques can impede your routine and even cause injury that can interfere with your sleep as well as your daily activities.

Looking to add or polish up your exercise routine?

Our physiotherapists are here to help. We incorporate a wide range of services like strength and weakness testing, as well as observed or instrumented analysis of gait, posture, balance, joint range of motion, and functional movement. Then we will offer a comprehensive exercise strategy to meet your specific needs.

Reduce the need for sleep-disrupting pain medicines

Many prescription and over-the-counter pain medications can hamper your sleep. If you are currently using painkillers like opioids, you could be experiencing restless nights that can prevent you from feeling well-rested.
With regular physiotherapy in downtown Vancouver, our trained professionals will get to the root of your aches and soreness and create a customized pain management plan.

Who wouldn’t want a better night’s sleep? Visiting our physiotherapist in Vancouver will go a long way to improving your sleep, helping you
stay focused, active, and healthy.

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