Can Massage Therapy Treat Headaches?

Headaches. We all get them. And when they strike, pain can make even the simplest everyday task a challenge. Chronic headaches are extremely common, driving many folks to reach for over-the-counter or prescription medicine. Sure, these medications may work in the short term, but they are merely a “quick fix” solution that not only fails to address the root of the problem, but also comes with a host of harmful side effects.  Do you suffer from headaches? If you do, massage therapy just might be the long-term solution you’ve been looking for. Whether you suffer from an occasional headache or chronic migraines, you’ll want to find a registered massage therapist downtown Vancouver professional. Here’s why:

Massage therapy treatments for tension headaches

When it comes to headaches, there are a dizzying array of reasons why they happen. Tension headaches, for example, can be triggered by several factors, including stress, muscle spasms, dehydration, poor sleep, and low blood sugar. Sufferers of tension headaches experience a tightening of the muscles of the head, face, and jaw, resulting in pain that lasts from hours to days.

Massage therapy can relieve migraine headaches

Ask anyone who has ever experienced them, migraines can be excruciating. The symptoms can vary from one person to another,
from nausea and vomiting to changes in vision and sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraines are still somewhat of a mystery, but an increase in blood flow to the brain is thought to be the cause of the pain. Some of the possible triggers for migraines include changes in barometric pressure, stress, allergies, changes in sleep patterns, food
sensitivities, and hormonal imbalance.

If you are constantly battling headaches, you’ll want to find an RMT near me. There is a wide range of ways massage therapy can help ease your suffering from headaches, including:

    • Boosts circulation
    • Relieves tension and muscle spasms
    • Relaxes muscles
    • Lowers stress and anxiety
    • Soothes and relaxes the body and mind
    • Promotes quality sleep
    • Reduces the intensity and duration of headaches
    • Improves posture

When it comes to headache management, no two treatment plans are the same. That is why a professional massage therapist will perform a comprehensive assessment to help identify any muscle or postural imbalances that might be causing or contributing to your headaches.

Are headaches affecting your quality of life?

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