What is the best gift for a loved one?

The Gift of health!

Remember the old saying, ” Without your health you have nothing.”  It is absolutely still true today in our modern world.  Just think about when you not at your optimal health maybe from an accident or just getting the flu. Your good health can quickly lead to back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain and lost days from work.  Your life can change quickly because you are too sick to participate fully in activities and you have a lower quality of life.

A low quality of life happens when you are sick or coping with pain.  With a low quality of life it usually leaves your quite miserable and even prone to depression.  Does this sound like fun?

Health is Wealth!

No, of course not. The physiotherapists and massage therapist at Urban Active agree with you. Health is Wealth! Urban Active offers personal healthcare services to improve your health to keep you healthy on a daily basis so you can enjoy all the activities and lifestyle that you deserve.

The registered massage therapy clinic services offer deep body sport massage perfect for chronic pain, old injuries, back or spinal diseases, and athletes.  The physiotherapy clinic services offer trauma care and rehabilitation for sports injuries and car accidents.

What is a good gift idea for the gift of health?

Posture improving products

gift ideasDo you have a friend, co worker, or family member that sits at work all day in an office?  You may hear your family member complaining about sore back or neck pain due to sitting. Good posture is essential to keeping the body aligned properly and relieving strain on tired overused muscles.

You might not even know that you have bad posture because it takes years sometimes to become that way.  Our posture improving products help you take notice of the your bad posture immediately.

With a posture improving product, your friend and family members will start to feel the effects of better posture immediately and be able to make improvement right away to continue with good posture techniques.

Sports Massage Gift Certificate

rmt downtown vancouverGiving the gift of a sports massage is a caring and generous offer.  Let the Urban Active massage therapist sooth out strained and tired muscles and leave you in a relaxed mood.

Our experience registered massage therapist or RMT has 20+ years of massage experience.  With her speciality being in a deep sports massage you are sure to be relieved of your aches and pains.

Learn more about Urban Active healthcare service like sports massage downtown Vancouver services or physiotherapy downtown Vancouver services.

Learn more about an effective physiotherapist downtown Vancouver that can treat injuries and reduce pain.

Connect with Urban Active or call 604-669-8233 to learn more about our great gift ideas to improve your health.