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A year and a half ago friends introduced me to indoor sport climbing at Cliffhanger and bouldering at the Hive. Since then, I’ve climbed outdoors in Squamish, Skaha, and Croatia. Rock climbing 2-3 times per week, combined with the time I spend doing manual therapy in the clinic, means my forearms need some treatment of their own.


A fellow climber at Cliffhanger was using a device I had never seen before, rolling his forearm back and forth and grimacing. It looked similar to trigger point release with a foam roller but was simultaneously applying targeted pressure to the forearm flexors and extensors. He told me it has helped him recover faster from his training sessions and after reading additional reviews, I purchased the Armaid Package.


I agree with previous posters that you can get away with buying the ArmAid only at $79 U.S. plus shipping, but the “package” includes a leg strap, an additional roller, and an instructional DVD. It should be noted that there are excellent instructional videos on the ArmAid site, including how to use it without the leg strap. Also be sure to ask for an extra “tab”, which international orders should include.


Preparing to lead climb – Split, Croatia




Top rope climbing – Split, Croatia



Paklenica National Park – Starigrad, Croatia


Self massage using the ArmAid for a few minutes per day, with sustained pressure for up to 30 sec on individual tender points, can help to reduce the amount of tension on the common flexor and extensor tendons at the elbow. This can help not only with local pain in the muscle belly but with tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis, pain at the outer aspect of the elbow) or golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis, pain at the inner aspect of the elbow). A physiotherapy assessment is recommended to determine the cause of your forearm pain. When combined with targeted treatments and therapeutic exercise, the ArmAid will get you back to what you love faster. I wish I had known about the ArmAid when recovering from my elbow (radial neck) fractures in 2010!


Enter the discount code URBAN to receive 15% off your purchase until the end of April. I arranged this discount with ArmAid to help out with our Canadian dollar 😉




Happy Climbing!