5 Signs You Need to Go To A Physio Vancouver Downtown Clinic

Despite what many think, you don’t have to be an elite athlete or someone recovering from a serious injury to benefit from physiotherapy. As a matter of fact, it can be used to treat a wide variety of health issues, as physiotherapy is designed to help heal your body and bring it back into balance. Tired of suffering with chronic pain and discomfort? Well now you don’t have to. Here are 5 signs you might have that should convince you to visit a physio Vancouver downtown clinic to get your body assessed.

1. Persistent Pain


Sprains, strains, and tears. There’s no getting around it, pain is going to happen. With a little rest and rehab, you may be as good as new in no time. However, some injuries can be a little trickier to treat. You may think that physio is just for new injury recovery, but it can help with chronic pain too. If that nagging pain just won’t go away, it’s time to visit your friendly downtown Vancouver neighborhood physio in Vancouver off Georgia St. They provide targeted therapeutic strategies, helping to ease your suffering, as well as prevent pain from coming back.

2. Mobility Problems


It’s surprising how a single, minor injury can impact the entire body in such a major way, resulting in a decrease of your mobility. Something as simple as bending down to tie your shoes can become an almost impossible task. If your flexibility is not what it should be, don’t just brush it off as age or inactivity. Your physio uses mobilization and manual therapy techniques that’ll strengthen your tissues and relax your muscles, bringing back your mobility. They can also teach you exercises to work on at home.

3. Balance Issues  


Experiencing dizziness and vertigo? Having trouble with coordination or balance? If this sounds familiar, you may have an issue with your inner ear (also known as the vestibular system). Even normal, day-to-day activities like going up and down the stairs can be difficult—not to mention dangerous. A physiotherapist will help address the underlying issues of your inner ear problem by following a well-designed vestibular rehabilitation program.

4. Interrupted Sleep  


Most of us experience the occasionally restless night of sleep for one reason or another. But chronic insomnia caused by pain and discomfort can lead to a host of serious health concerns, including irritability, depression, anxiety, and weight gain. If pain is waking you in the middle of night or keeping you from falling asleep, you should consider seeing a physiotherapist. They’ll relax muscles and release nerve compression, helping to restore regular sleep patterns.

5. Pain Flare Ups

Are certain activities aggravating that old injury? Do you have recurring pain that flares up when you least expect it? If pain is rearing its ugly head, it could be sign that an injury hasn’t healed properly. Fortunately, physios will not only treat current injuries, but also address the ones that have been bothering you for a long time.

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