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Ouch, ow, argh, yeow—no matter how you spell it, low back pain hurts. And if you’ve yet to experience it, don’t get too comfortable—chances are, you will. Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions that 80% of adults will have to deal with at some point in their lives.

To add insult to injury, people can have a rough time getting a handle on back issues because of all the misleading information floating around out there—some of it useless, some of it counterproductive, and some of it even dangerous.  Here are 5 myths about low back pain to help shed some light on your recovery.

Myth #1. It’s best to rest
It’s only normal to want to sit or lie down when you’re dealing with low back pain. Heck, who can blame you? But spending too much time on your back can work against you, slowing the healing process. While you’ll certainly want to cut back on your normal physical activities, it’s important to keep moving. You’ll not only help recalibrate your back and abdominal muscles, but also reduce joint stiffness.

Myth #2. Back pain will never get better
If you’re going through a bout of low back pain, you know how frustrating waiting for the suffering to end can be. While occasional episodes of lower back pain can be common for many folks, the good news is that most cases aren’t chronic. As long as you follow the appropriate recovery advice, your back should be right as rain in no time.

Myth #3. Sitting straight prevents low back pain
By now, you probably know that sitting hunched over your desk all day can lead to lower back pain. Contrary to popular belief, turns out that sitting upright can too. If you do have to sit for long periods of time, move frequently, changing sitting positions throughout your day. Standing up when you have the chance will also help prevent lower back pain.

Myth #4. Most low back pain eventually requires surgery
Getting back surgery—or any surgery for that matter—can be a pretty scary ordeal for anyone. But for most people, low back pain almost never requires a surgical procedure. Normally, back issues are treated with a wide variety of non-operative options, including activity adjustments, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy.

Myth #5. Physiotherapy is not effective for treating low back pain
Nothing could be farther from the truth. Physiotherapy is an effective form of treatment, helping to relieve low back pain without prescriptions. By using a wide range of therapeutic strategies, custom-tailored interventions, specialized hands-on techniques, and education, a physiotherapist will not only treat your current back condition, but also help prevent lower back pain from returning in the future.

Are you experiencing low back pain? If you’re looking for a speedier recovery, ditch the myths and stick with the facts. Physio Vancouver downtown services can access your injury and recommend effective strategies to deal with chronic pain and rehabilitation. Your back will thank you for it!

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