physio near me downtown vancouverHigh productivity and a healthy workforce—you can’t have one without the other. And as company workloads continue to climb, the last thing any successful business needs is increased absenteeism and downtime, upsetting output and cutting into your bottom line. These days, many companies are including physiotherapy as an important part of employees’ health and wellness programs. Here are five workplace benefits of physiotherapy near me in Vancouver.

Alleviates lower back pain
Long hours crouched over a desk can lead to lower back pain, taking your staff out of commission indefinitely. Poor work posture is an ongoing issue for many workers that can cause this all-too-common problem in the office. Fortunately, a fully-trained physiotherapist will work with your staff and design a customized treatment plan to
alleviate lower back pain.

Eases headaches and migraines
Headaches and migraines top the list of reasons for workplace absenteeism. Believe it or not, missed work due to migraines account for a loss of over $17 billion each year in the U.S. alone. If headaches are affecting your employees, a physio near me in Vancouver will conduct a thorough assessment to identify and correct any muscle or postural imbalances that might be contributing or causing staff headaches.

Manages hand and wrist pain
With the increasing use of computers, laptops, and other devices in today’s modern work environment, technology-related injuries like wrist tendonitis are on the rise. And as this trend continues to grow, hand and wrist pain is going to become more common. A physiotherapist will work with staff, providing insight and a host of treatment options to help get to the source of the issue and manage hand and wrist pain.

Boosts workplace morale
A happier employee is a more productive one. When your staff has access to physiotherapy, they will not only get benefits from the treatments, but also experience improved workplace morale knowing they work for a company that cares about their health and wellbeing. Learn more about a physiotherapist near me now!

Prevents injuries from happening
One of the best ways to deal with injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place. A physiotherapist near me in Vancouver will help improve productivity and performance by using a wide range of treatment options, including ice or heat applications, electrotherapeutic modalities like ultrasound or TENS (transcutaneous
electrical nerve stimulator), soft tissue mobilization, manual or self- stretching, strengthening exercises, and wellness education.

When it comes to workplace wellness, physiotherapy will help reduce the number of absences, boost productivity, and increase your business’s bottom line.  Learn more about physio downtown Vancouver services, registered massage therapist downtown Vancouver services or find an RMT near me now!

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