Vancouver’s outdoor pools are fully booked for the weekend

Vancouver’s outdoor pools are fully booked for the weekend

Vancouver’s outdoor pools are fully booked for the weekend

As Vancouverites flock to outdoor pools this weekend, many may be surprised to find that online reservations were completely sold out on Saturday and Sunday.

CityNews interviewed some of those looking to beat the heat at the city’s Second Beach Pool, where hundreds of people were taking advantage of the weather.

Mehdi was enjoying the pool with his family.

“It’s really nice. My daughter loves the slides, she really enjoys them,” she said. “The water is nice and clean, and the sun, the summertime… you can’t go wrong with that.”

However, he also expressed frustration that all online reservations for outdoor facilities had sold out.

“Everything seems to be like that, like swimming pools or classes at community centers for children,” he said.

“It is actually difficult to start swimming… all year round, for children, it is a big challenge.

Mehdi says he is not the only one who finds this a challenge.

“Parents, like all the parents I talk to, think, ‘Oh, it’s a nightmare. ’”

Another man said he was happy that he and his family were prepared for the crowds.

“I’m very happy that my wife bought a ticket in advance so we’re not in the line of those who don’t have tickets. The line is really long,” he said.

People have also taken to social media to express their disappointment and frustration at the lack of space for outdoor pools. One user on the Reddit page r/vancouver said it was crazy how many outdoor pools Vancouver has.

Park board pushes for more pools in Vancouver

Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner Brennan Bastyovanszky says the park board has been advocating for more pools for some time.

“We have submitted funding requests to the city for several pools,” he said. “In fact, the park board has approved additional outdoor pools and we are awaiting funding from the city. That type of capital investment is something that falls squarely to the city.”

On Friday, the city announced that one of its pools, Kitsilano, which is undergoing repairs following a high tide in 2022, should reopen in August, pending any unforeseen challenges. Other outdoor pools in the city include Second Beach, New Brighton and Maple Grove pools, as well as the Hillcrest Aquatic Center.

Bastyovanszky points out that there are other places you can go to cool off, including water parks, cooling centers, indoor pools and beaches.

More people are expected to flock to outdoor pools as the city continues to deal with a heatwave.

Outdoor pools around the region

In addition to Vancouver’s pools, there are other municipalities in the Lower Mainland with such facilities.

New Westminster has two outdoor pools: Moody Park Pool and Hume Park Pool. The city also has a children’s pool at Grimston Park.

Burnaby has four: Central Park Outdoor Pool, Kensington Outdoor Pool, MacPherson Park Outdoor Pool, Robert Burnaby Outdoor Pool. The city also has several children’s pools and water parks.

Coquitlam has an outdoor pool and another one is coming soon: The Eagle Ridge Outdoor Pool and Spani Outdoor Pool are expected to be completed sometime this summer.

Richmond has two: South Arm Outdoor Pool and Steveston Outdoor Pool.

Port Moody has two: Rocky Point Pool and Westhill Pool.

Port Coquitlam has three: Centennial Outdoor Pool and Robert Hope Outdoor Pool. The city also has three water parks and two children’s pools.