State government buildings get new signs at a high cost • Indiana Capital Chronicle

State government buildings get new signs at a high cost • Indiana Capital Chronicle

Three new signs featuring key state mottos are now up on several buildings at the Indiana State Government Center in downtown Indianapolis.

The total cost was about $820,000. Not all of it was taxpayer money.

In 2016, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation added three signs bearing former Gov. Mike Pence’s “A State That Works” slogan to two buildings: the west side of the IEDC office at 1 North Capital and the north and south sides of the Northern Indiana Government Center building. Signs included a gear with the shape of the state inside.

At that time they cost around $300,000. or nearly $393,000 in today’s dollars, according to the U.S. Inflation Calculator.

Those three signs have been removed and new signs have been created and replaced by Indiana-based Signworks.

The first two bear the IEDC’s new motto: Indiana For the Bold. The letters measure nine feet tall and more than 120 feet wide.

Last week, workers installed the “IN Indiana” sign on behalf of the Indiana Destination Development Corp. (Niki Kelly/Indiana Capital Chronicle)

“The signs, which are internally illuminated to match the new brand, will better reflect the state and its focus on the future and creating a better tomorrow for Hoosiers,” said IEDC spokesperson Erin Sweitzer. “These signs are also a unique opportunity to share our brand and the state’s many competitive advantages not only with Indianapolis businesses, residents and students, but also with the more than 30 million people who visit our capital city each year.”

“The signs are located in prime locations throughout downtown and are frequently featured in photo and video coverage of the city by media outlets and content creators, creating countless opportunities to share Indiana’s bold brand with prospective businesses, innovators and talent around the world,” he added.

The total cost of removing the three existing “A State That Works” signs and installing the two new ones that read “Indiana for the Brave” was approximately $580,000. The money came from the IEDC’s existing Business Promotion and Innovation funding, which is used to promote business investment and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

The third signage location, on the north side of the Northern Indiana Government Center building, has been replaced with Indiana Destination Development Corporation (IDDC) branding. It features the tagline “IN Indiana.”

Elaine Bedel, secretary and executive director of the IDDC, said the cost of that sign was $240,848. It was funded by the Indiana Destination Development Foundation and not state taxpayer money. The expense was unanimously approved by the foundation’s board members on Feb. 20.