President Biden faces calls from Democratic Party members to withdraw from 2024 election

President Biden faces calls from Democratic Party members to withdraw from 2024 election

President Biden faces calls from Democratic Party members to withdraw from 2024 election

Amid growing calls from some Democrats and liberals for President Biden to step aside after his disastrous debate performance last week, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been touted as a possible replacement, raising questions about how she would handle the border crisis.

Whitmer, as governor of a key swing state, has been named as one of the people who could take over as the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee if Biden were to step down. Previous polls have suggested she would be the best performer among several candidates against former President Trump, the likely Republican nominee.

If she is nominated and wins in November, she would assume a federal leadership role at a time when immigration policy and the ongoing crisis at the southern border are top issues for voters and the country.

Whitmer has been largely supportive of President Biden’s actions on immigration policy. When Biden announced additional asylum restrictions last month, she issued an enthusiastic statement approving the move and saying she was “delivering.”

“President Biden’s executive action will help secure our nation’s border by making it easier for immigration agents to remove those here illegally, which will reduce the burden on our Border Patrol agents. Today’s announcement builds on the President’s work to deploy a record number of border agents and officers to the southern border,” he said. “The American people want real solutions, and President Biden is delivering them today.”

Like other Democrats, she also backed Biden’s broader calls for a comprehensive immigration bill to fix what the administration has called a “broken” immigration system.

That plan included sweeping reforms, additional visa pathways, additional funding and a path to U.S. citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. Republicans rejected it in part because it included amnesty. Whitmer wants it passed.

“President Biden sent Congress a comprehensive immigration reform plan on day one and repeatedly asked Congress for more border resources, but Republicans blocked him,” she said last month. “They should stop playing political games and work with the administration on a bipartisan, coordinated federal solution to fix our broken system.”

But in Michigan itself, he has given some indication that he might take a tougher line on illegal immigration — certainly tougher than some activists would like.

Has provided multiple National Guard deployments to the border, both during the Trump administration and during the Biden administration in support of Texas.

According to his office, he deployed 175 troops between 2020 and 2021, and 37 have been stationed since 2020. He also visited Michigan soldiers on the border in 2022.

Fox News Digital’s Adam Shaw contributed to this update.