Anonymous memo ‘Case for Kamala’ criticized on social media: ‘A total fantasy’

Anonymous memo ‘Case for Kamala’ criticized on social media: ‘A total fantasy’

Anonymous memo ‘Case for Kamala’ criticized on social media: ‘A total fantasy’

On Friday, social media users mocked an anonymous memo advocating for Vice President Kamala Harris to replace President Biden as head of the Democratic presidential ticket.

The Google document, titled “Freed from What Has Been: The Case for Kamala,” has reportedly been circulated by top Democratic donors, political operatives and coalition groups in the wake of the 81-year-old president’s disastrous performance in the debate against former President Donald Trump.

“There is only one way out of this mess, and that is Kamala,” the document states. “Kamala Harris has the most Democratic legitimacy. She is the only candidate who can take the reins right now, rather than in late August, with less than three months to go until the end of the election. She has significant and widely underestimated electoral advantages. She can win.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
The document has reportedly gone viral among Democratic donors and operatives. AP

“She is not the best option; she is the only realistic option to win,” the authors of the memo argue.

The memo’s title is a nod to one of the vice president’s most infamous comments, a “word salad.”

It was reportedly written by “senior officials within the Democratic political establishment” with no personal or professional ties to Harris.

“We simply want to defeat Trump,” the authors said. “We are writing this in a personal capacity because we believe we must cut through the chaos, identify which options are realistic and which are fantasies, and defend the only real path forward. The stakes are too high to do otherwise.”

At one point in the document, the authors describe a scenario in which Harris, 59, “emerges from the convention with momentum and a significant surge in the polls” and then “destroys an incoherent and extremist Trump in the debate.”

Kamala Harris
The authors of the paper argue that Harris could defeat Trump “in a landslide” if she performs well in a debate against the former president. Swimming pool/ABACA/Shutterstock

“She comes to power in a landslide victory, bringing with her a Democratic House and Senate capable of reforming the filibuster to codify reproductive freedom, the winning issue she spent months campaigning on,” the memo reads.

Several X users were not convinced by the memo.

“I can only assume that’s when the edibles kicked in,” National Review senior writer Noah Rothman tweeted, referring to the possibility that Harris beat Trump in a debate and pulled off an easy win in November.

“The surge of goodwill lasts to the point where she is expected to speak at length and the whole country says in unison: ‘Oh, that’s right,’” he added.

Several people on the social media platform echoed Rothman’s point, with one arguing that it was “complete fantasy” to believe that “the worst debater in the 2020 Democratic primary field will pull off a landslide victory on the strength of her debate performance.”

One user compared the lengthy document to a “rejected West Wing script,” and several people described it as “fan fiction” bordering on “parody.”

Another user suggested “Like it or not, Kamala 2024” as a possible slogan for Harris’ presidential campaign, based on the document.

“Ah, nothing makes me feel more confident about the state of our country than seeing our next leader introduced in a shared document,” said one concerned X user.

Biden has maintained he will not drop out of the race despite several polls showing he is in danger of losing to Trump after his poor performance in last month’s debate.