Discount retailer with 23 locations in Massachusetts could disappear

Discount retailer with 23 locations in Massachusetts could disappear

Every day someone writes about the bankruptcy of some retail chain, restaurant, pharmacy chain or banking institution. Whether it’s due to rising inflation over the years, the radical shift to online shopping or other financial factors, it’s clear that many businesses are struggling right now and Massachusetts is feeling the effects.

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Companies like Walgreens, CVS, Bank of America, Christmas Tree Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. have closed some locations in Massachusetts or disappeared altogether. The glory days of brick-and-mortar stores seem to be behind them, at least for now.

Discount home goods retailer plans to close more stores this year

Another company that plans to close 35 to 40 stores this year and may even face permanent closure is Big Lots. Some media outlets, including the New York Post, have reported that the discount home goods retailer is facing financial difficulties. The company made the following statement about its struggles to get customers to return to its stores.

High inflation has reduced customers’ purchasing power, leading to huge losses for the company and “substantial doubts” about its ability to continue operations.

It’s probably not surprising that Big Lots has some cleaning up to do considering the retailer closed 52 stores in 2023 and has been steadily losing money since 2022.

Big Lots has 23 locations in Massachusetts. Will any of those stores close this year?

While the article did not indicate exactly which Big Lots locations will be closing this year, the retailer has 23 locations across Massachusetts, including Ashland, Attleboro, Auburn, Billerica, Danvers, Dennis Port, Fairhaven, Fitchburg, Franklin, Gardner, Lynn, Methuen, Milford, Northampton, Pittsfield, Plymouth, Raynham, Revere, Seekonk, Springfield, Swansea, Webster, and West Springfield. When it is revealed which stores will be closing and if any of these Massachusetts locations are on the closing list, we will let you know.

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