100 Days of Summer Campaign Needs Food Donations This July

100 Days of Summer Campaign Needs Food Donations This July

100 Days of Summer Campaign Needs Food Donations This July

PHOENIX — St. Vincent de Paul is calling on Valley residents to donate food to help those in need this summer.

It’s part of the local nonprofit’s 100 Days of Summer campaign, which helps homeless people and families in need during the scorching summer temperatures.

Andrea Ariza Martinez, a spokesperson for the nonprofit, said the campaign entered its second phase in July. Each phase focuses on a different essential need. In June, SVDP focused on water, while in August, the third phase will focus on shelter resources.

“A lot of people don’t realize that food is actually needed during this time,” Martinez said. KTAR 92.3 FM News. “Families are still struggling to make ends meet at a time when air conditioning bills are starting to rise.”

In addition to higher energy bills in the summer, families also have to spend more money on food since their children do not eat school lunches, Martinez added.

Nonprofit’s 100 Days of Summer campaign needs food this July

The problem is compounded by the fact that food donations have declined, he said.

“It was only last year, in 2023, that we started to notice very low numbers in food donations,” Martinez said.

The need for food is exacerbated by the expansion of SVDP’s services for the homeless. In May, the nonprofit held a groundbreaking ceremony for a 50,000-square-foot transitional housing center that will bring nearly 200 new beds to Phoenix.

The people occupying those beds will need food. But Martinez is concerned that without more donations, hungry people will not have food.

“Our food donations are now going to increase to 30% as we are adding 171 beds,” Martinez said. “If there is not enough food, we cannot get many of those food boxes to the people who need them most.”

Those who would like to donate food this July can donate online.

Balin Overstolz McNair of KTAR News 92.3 FM contributed to this report.

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