Massachusetts liberals remain mysteriously silent on whether Biden should drop out of the race

Massachusetts liberals remain mysteriously silent on whether Biden should drop out of the race

Massachusetts liberals remain mysteriously silent on whether Biden should drop out of the race

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey toe the party line. (Nancy Lane/Boston Herald)

Leading Massachusetts liberals like Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, who have plenty to say about Donald Trump, have been mysteriously silent on whether embattled President Joe Biden should remain in the race.

Sens. Warren and Markey are absent from Biden’s party-spanning debate, showing no courage as they watch the Democratic presidential campaign spiral out of control.

Other Democrats, such as House Speaker Katherine Clark, have also disappeared, leaving comments about Biden’s declining mental faculties to others.

Gov. Maura Healey, after days of public silence, finally issued a vague statement saying Biden needs to “carefully evaluate” whether he is the best hope of beating Trump, but stopped short of calling on him to drop out of the race.

Healey was reportedly much more forceful in private, telling fellow governors that Biden’s campaign had suffered “irreparable” damage on the debate stage, implying he could no longer win. But she is not saying the same publicly now. It is not a very brave profile.

Healey has been one of Biden’s top supporters during the campaign and now appears wary of exacerbating the president’s serious political problems.

The silence from Warren and Markey is especially notable considering other Democratic lawmakers like Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton have called on Biden to step aside.

Moulton is the only one brave enough to publicly distance himself from Biden and acknowledge what 80% of Americans now believe: that Biden does not have the mental and physical stamina to take on the Republican former president.

But other lawmakers in the Massachusetts Congress have not gone that far.

“(Biden) needs to consult with his fellow elected officials and public opinion research to determine if he is the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump in November, which is the unifying imperative of the Democratic Party,” said U.S. Rep. Jake Auchincloss in an interview with GBH News.

Check the polls? Really? The polls are already pretty clear: Biden’s campaign is failing.

Meanwhile, Biden remains steadfast and refuses to back down, saying at a rally in Wisconsin: “This is my answer: I will run and I will win again.”

Biden, of course, couldn’t get through his speech without making a gaffe: He said, “I will beat Donald Trump. I will beat him again in 2020.”

But reading a campaign speech from a teleprompter is not the same as winning a debate or giving a press conference and making sense.

With big-money donors already abandoning him, Biden needs to do something drastic to save his campaign and sitting down with a Democratic sycophant like George Stephanopolous won’t do the trick.