Rams News: Steve Avila thinks the team is serving better food this year

Rams News: Steve Avila thinks the team is serving better food this year

Rams News: Steve Avila thinks the team is serving better food this year

Every NFL team has a number of things to consider, and one of them is their team’s food and nutrition. Apparently, Avila thinks the Los Angeles Rams are doing a better job with the food they serve during the season. I have no idea, so I’m going by the ESPN article below. If Avila says he thinks the team is putting more emphasis on food, I guess it’s true!

What do you think? Do you think Los Angeles will offer better food and some wins this year? Let us know what you want. Have a great Friday and thanks for visiting Turf Show Times!

The best and worst NFL diets: Rams, Bengals and Dolphins have it all (

Los Angeles Rams center Steve Avila said he noticed his team put an emphasis on serving higher-quality, better-tasting food during the offseason, a change from last year.

“If you don’t like the food, not many people are going to eat here,” Avila said. “So I’ve been on teams (in college) where people, if they don’t like the food, they just go to McDonald’s or somewhere else.”

And while some players can invest in their bodies year-round by using personal chefs and nutritionists, not all can afford it and rely on teams to provide those services, especially during the season.”

Rams’ Braden Fiske knows he can’t just fill Aaron Donald’s shoes: ‘I have to create my own’ (

“It’s also common sense to acknowledge that given everything Donald accomplished during his decade in the league, and while second-round rookie Braden Fiske is all for it, he’s also ready to help shore up the defensive line in his own way.

“I have to be myself,” Fiske told DJ Siddiqi of Forbes. “I have to build my own legacy and that’s what I’m looking forward to. I don’t feel like I’m filling other people’s shoes, but I have to create my own shoes. That’s what it’s all about. I’m excited to be a part of this and I know there’s always going to be a comparison of who’s going to fill their shoes, but somebody has to do it.”

The Rams bring back John Johnson III for a third stint (or register)

“Johnson, a third-round draft pick out of Boston College in 2017, was a four-year starter for the Rams. He left as a free agent in 2021 and signed a three-year, $33.75 million contract with the Cleveland Browns.

Released after two seasons, Johnson signed a one-year contract to return to the Rams on Aug. 7 of last year.

Johnson, 28, played in all 17 regular-season games last season, eventually starting eight games as well as the Rams’ wild-card loss to the Detroit Lions while helping oversee a defense filled with inexperienced youngsters. On the season, he recorded two interceptions (the first during a 36-19 win against Cleveland on Dec. 3) and 42 tackles.