In other news | Franklin Observer

In other news | Franklin Observer

In other news | Franklin Observer

Garbage delay

There will be a one-day delay in garbage collection on Thursday and Friday.

Two strikes policy

Some fast food restaurants have reportedly instituted a policy of not giving second chances to FHS baseball and other teams that have shown up at closing times, stayed long after closing time, littered the premises, and made rude or suggestive comments to female staff.

World War II veteran to be honored on Friday

At 9 a.m. Friday, veterans, their families and the public will gather on the Veteran’s Walkway to honor Howard T. Feeley, who died in service to his country on July 5.

Other honorees in July include Gerald M. Parmenter – World War II (July 17), Alessandro Patete – World War I (July 18), Patrick Ristaino – World War I (July 18) and Anthony J. Mucciarone – World War II (July 30).

The ceremonies for the coming months are as follows:


15 – Jules Perret – World War II

15 – Robert R. Pirelli – Iraq

20 – Edward C. Dailey – World War II

22 – John W. Wyllie, Jr. – World War II


9 – David Bullukian – World War II

18 – Levi Pieri – World War I

21- Lawrence E. Garron, Jr. – Vietnam

21 – Alfred L. Mucciarone – World War I

25 – Frank J. Smith – World War I

Roadworks in Jordan on Tuesday

The Department of Public Works (DPW) will begin work on Jordan Road from Route 140 to Dutchess Rd beginning Tuesday. Notices regarding paving operations will be posted the following week.

Anti-tax group blames state for Celtics sale

Although Celtics owner Wye Grousbeck cited only vague “family and estate planning considerations” when announcing his plans to sell his majority stake in the Boston Celtics, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance immediately blamed the state’s newly implemented “estate tax.” In a statement, spokesman Paul Diego Craney said Massachusetts’s taxes punish success. “While there is only one NBA championship team, there are many high-income individuals and businesses making the same decision as the Celtics owner,” he added.

Arrest in Concord, NH

According to sister site Patch NH, Lauren Abigail Dennett, of Franklin, MA, was arrested on June 22 for simple assault, domestic violence-simple assault, obstructing a report of a crime-injury, and domestic violence-obstructing a report of a crime-injury, in Concord, NH. She was arrested following an incident or investigation at Grappone Park on Liberty Street.