Shark attacks in Texas leave multiple people injured as videos show chaos on the beach

Shark attacks in Texas leave multiple people injured as videos show chaos on the beach

Shark attacks in Texas leave multiple people injured as videos show chaos on the beach

Several people were injured in a series of attacks, apparently by a single shark, on a Texas beach.

Two people were bitten and a third was injured as they tried to help, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said in a statement, though some reports said four people were injured on South Padre Island off the southern coast of Texas on Thursday.

The two who were bitten were taken to Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville, where one was treated and the other was “airlifted for further treatment.”

One victim suffered a “severe” bite to the leg, city spokeswoman Nikki Soto told the Associated Press. The incident was reported to police at about 11 a.m. local time.

South Padre Island
A file photo shows Isla Blanca Park on South Padre Island, Texas, in 2012. Several attacks, apparently by a single shark, off South Padre Island on Thursday left several people injured.


Graphic images on social media show people pulling a woman out of the water, which is turning red with blood, before the camera zooms in on a shark fin and tail seen in the waves.

Witness Kyle Jud, 46, spoke to NBC News about the woman who was pulled from the water with a bloody leg.

“The beach patrol picked her up, her calf was just gone, she was torn apart; it was horrible,” he said.

“This is unprecedented here on South Padre Island,” Fire Chief Jim Pigg told NBC News.

He also said the shark was located and “pushed into deeper waters” after the victims were helped.

Mother Nereyda Bazaldua told CNN that her 18-year-old daughter Victoria was one of those bitten.

She told how Victoria and her sister were in shallow water, up to their knees, when they shouted: “Shark!”

“The shark attacked her and five or six of its teeth scratched her leg,” Bazaldua said. “The wounds are not deep.”

The mother added: “We didn’t see the shark until it was there with them. There were no rough waters and the sea was calm. It appeared out of nowhere.”

Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety Aircraft Division told CNN: “DPS remained on scene until the shark was no longer a threat.”

Images posted on XPreviously, Twitter showed people watching a ship at sea while a helicopter flew overhead.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said: “Shark encounters of this nature are not a common occurrence in Texas. When shark bites do occur, it is usually due to misidentification by sharks looking for food.

“If you see large schools of baitfish near the shore, this is usually an indicator that there is a predator nearby, or if you see a shark in the water, get out of the water and wait for the predatory wildlife to pass by.”

South Padre Island Mayor Patrick McNulty has been quoted by local media as saying: “Our hearts and prayers are with those injured and their families and we hope for a speedy recovery.”