How the Dallas Cowboys’ decision on Dak Prescott’s contract will affect the Houston Texans

How the Dallas Cowboys’ decision on Dak Prescott’s contract will affect the Houston Texans

How the Dallas Cowboys’ decision on Dak Prescott’s contract will affect the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have had a pretty nice life over the past two offseasons. In 2023, the draft brought us CJ Stroud and Will Anderson as the future saviors of the organization, and possibly the city itself. In 2024, the Texans got ultra-aggressive in free agency and trades, signing Stefon Diggs, Joe Mixon, and Danielle Hunter, among others.

Along the way, there was almost no contract drama. The only big extension given, which went to wide receiver Nico Collins, came without any dark clouds or social media salvos. It was just the typical $72 million contract extension negotiated quietly. The closest thing to drama in the past two years came from ever-rabble-rousing cornerback Steven Nelson, attacking Nick Caserio and DeMeco Ryans with personal insults about their attire and appearance. Needless to say, Nelson is gone.

Someday, the Texans will have offseason drama again. Every team, even the good ones, has it. You might even say ESPECIALLY the good ones have it. The Cowboys, Packers, and Dolphins are all good NFL teams, and all three have plenty of drama with their starting quarterbacks right now, as all three quarterbacks are seeking huge new contract extensions.

As we described last week, Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who is an average player at best, just landed a contract that ties for the highest average annual value in the league at $55 million. I would argue that all three of the quarterbacks we referenced above (the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott, the Packers’ Jordan Love and the Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa) are better, more productive players than Lawrence. Prescott and Love, for sure.

Now, all three teams are facing off on their own merits against their leaders, who likely want more than Lawrence. Let’s analyze these three matchups from the Texans’ perspective. What should we root for in each of these cases?

DAK PRESCOTT, Dallas Cowboys
Prescott is in the final season of a long-term deal he signed a few seasons ago, and right now he’s on the books with a $55 million cap hit. He’s on a team that also wants to give big contracts to WR Cede Lamb and LB Micah Parsons this offseason. The worst thing for the rest of the league would be for Prescott to become a free agent next spring, because the salary cap for quarterbacks would skyrocket, likely north of $60 million per year if there were a bidding war. With CJ Stroud eligible for an extension in a couple of seasons, the lower the higher salary stays, the better. So let’s root for the Cowboys and Prescott to agree to a long-term deal this offseason for a bit more than Lawrence makes, maybe $56 or $57 million per year.

JORDAN LOVE, Green Bay Packers
Love is also on track for a big payday, after sitting out three seasons behind Aaron Rodgers, and in his first season as a starter, nearly eliminating the 49ers in the divisional round of the playoffs. Here’s the problem with Love: His agent is David Mulugheta, who helped Deshaun Watson get out of Houston and a record amount of guaranteed money from the Browns. Mulugheta is also Stroud’s agent. So, I expect Love to get a lucrative, yet team-friendly contract that allows the Packers to sign some of his teammates to big contracts. That would show me that Mulugheta is fine with having a client who doesn’t push for max money, but instead prioritizes winning, like we expect C.J. Stroud to do in two seasons.

TUA TAGOVAILOA, Miami Dolphins
Go on social media and search for “Tua contract” and what you’ll find is that the Dolphins, at least for now, have no desire to pay him the Trevor Lawrence/Joe Burrow level of $55 million per year. Tagovailoa has been very vocal about how the lack of a new deal is affecting him mentally right now, so here’s what I expect, from the Texans’ perspective: I expect Tagovailoa to not get a new deal, I expect him to become a basket case worrying about it, and I expect him to throw four interceptions against the Texans in Week 15 at NRG Stadium.

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