Victoria Starmer: Who is the wife of new Prime Minister Keir Starmer?

Victoria Starmer: Who is the wife of new Prime Minister Keir Starmer?

Victoria Starmer: Who is the wife of new Prime Minister Keir Starmer?

  • Author, Kate Whannel
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During the general election campaign and much of her husband’s tenure as Labour leader, Victoria Starmer has kept a low profile.

Apart from appearances at Labour conferences, the occasional state banquet and a Taylor Swift concert, Lady Starmer, née Victoria Alexander, has tried to avoid public appearances.

Asked on LBC about his wife’s low profile, Sir Keir pointed out that she had a full-time job in an NHS hospital and their eldest son was doing his GCSEs.

“We decided that while I was on tour, we wanted to create an environment where he could study comfortably under normal circumstances.”

However, now that Sir Keir has won the election and become prime minister, Lady Starmer may find it harder to avoid the spotlight.

Screenshot, So far, Lady Starmer has only occasionally appeared on major public and ceremonial occasions.

When she met Sir Keir in the early 2000s, he was not a politician but a lawyer. She was a lawyer, working on the same case.

“I asked the team who had written those documents and they said a woman called Victoria, so I said, ‘let’s get her on the phone.'”

He questioned her forensically about the newspaper but when he hung up he heard a comment from her.

“She said, ‘Who the hell does she think she is?’ and then she hung up on me,” Sir Keir said. “And she was absolutely right.”

Image source, Keir Starmer and Tom Baldwin

Screenshot, The couple got engaged just a few months after meeting.

Despite a rocky start, the relationship blossomed after a first date at the Lord Stanley pub in Camden, north London.

Speaking to his biographer Tom Baldwin, Sir Keir described her as “sensible, sassy, ​​funny, streetwise and absolutely beautiful too”.

He proposed to her a few months later while on vacation in Greece.

“Won’t we need a ring, Keir?” was her matter-of-fact reply.

They married in 2007 at the Fennes estate in Essex, walking down the aisle to one of Sir Keir’s favourite pieces of music: Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5, second movement.

He later described her on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs as an “incredibly warm, wonderful woman. My total rock.”

The couple have two teenage children, but have taken pains to keep them out of the spotlight, making a point of not naming them in public.

Image source, Keir Starmer and Tom Baldwin

Screenshot, The newlyweds with Sir Keir’s parents, Rodney and Josephine Starmer

Lady Starmer grew up in North London, not far from where she currently lives with her family.

He attended Channing School before studying law and sociology at Cardiff University.

While there, she became involved in student politics, becoming president of the student union in 1994.

In an interview with student newspaper Gair Rhydd, he said his main priority was to campaign against cuts to student grants.

Rob Watkins was at Cardiff University at the same time and working as a photographer for the newspaper.

He remembers the future Lady Starmer as “witty and professional, clearly dedicated to her job” and aware of her responsibility to the people she represented.

Image source, Rob Watkins/ Alamy

Screenshot, Lady Starmer became involved in student politics during her university years.

Lady Starmer currently works in occupational health for the NHS, something her husband has frequently referred to during his time as Labour leader.

He says it gives him an idea of ​​the problems facing the health service.

“She will continue working, without a doubt, because she wants to do it and she loves it.”

Although the couple say they want to keep life as normal as possible for their children, their home life has already been disrupted by Sir Keir’s work.

In April, pro-Palestinian protesters staged a protest outside her home, hanging a banner outside her home and placing children’s shoes outside her front door.

Lady Starmer had returned from a shopping trip with her son when she saw the protesters.

Asked how she felt during the protest, Lady Starmer said: “I felt a bit sick, to be honest.”