2336 Phoenix Scout Day: Trackman beating the leaders

2336 Phoenix Scout Day: Trackman beating the leaders

2336 Phoenix Scout Day: Trackman beating the leaders

Zach Boraski
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

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PBR was in Walkertown, NC on Saturday, May 22, 2024 at Walkertown HS to watch PBR Scout Day with 2336 Phoenix Baseball. Nearly 20 players from the classes of 2024-2029 were in attendance for the training day.

The day began with players running a laser-timed 60-yard dash. From there, hitters went through several rounds of batting practice with TrackMan tracking every ball put into fair play. After offensive evaluations, players were evaluated at their primary defensive positions. To finish the day, pitchers threw controlled bullpens, again with TrackMan tracking every pitch and providing analytical data on each player.

Next, we start breaking down the players’ performance in training. To see the full list with all the training statistics, you can CLICK HERE.

2336 Phoenix Baseball Scouting Day: Trackman Batting Leaders


TrackMan can track every ball that enters fair territory during practice sessions. Below are the best exit speeds produced by individual players, by category..

Maximum output speed

Best average exit velocity


TrackMan can measure and track the ball while it is in the air. For each good ball put into play, it will display the distance traveled by the hit.

Peak Distance – Best of the Batting Session

Average distance: average of each ball tracked in the session


TrackMan can track and follow the force with which the ball is hit, as well as the angle of departure from the bat. With this information, TrackMan has deduced the sweet spot when batted balls hit with an exit angle of between 8 and 32 degrees.


Based on the path of the ball, TrackMan can identify each hit as a ground ball, line drive, or fly ball. While there are many factors that can explain why a hitter may approach each pitch in a certain way, general BP groupings can provide insight into each hitter’s approach.

% line transmission

Flying ball %

Percentage of ground balls