Democratic donors give Biden a two-week grace period for polls to drop after debate

Democratic donors give Biden a two-week grace period for polls to drop after debate

Democratic donors give Biden a two-week grace period for polls to drop after debate

Biden campaign donors are giving the president a two-week grace period in the wake of his disastrous debate performance against former President Donald Trump, The Post has learned.

Any drop in the 81-year-old president’s poll numbers after those two weeks are up will become problematic and difficult for donors to digest, a source with knowledge of a call with major campaign contributors told The Post on Monday.

The Democratic National Finance Committee calmed speculation that Biden might end his reelection bid during a more than hour-long Zoom call aimed at reassuring major donors.

Joe Biden
The Democratic National Finance Committee’s Monday call with top Biden donors focused on the “path forward” for the president. Kyle Mazza/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

“The call was very reassuring,” the source said. “He is fully committed and will continue to move forward. He will do better in the next debate. The campaign is going on as usual.”

“They have dismissed any speculation about his retirement; the entire call is about the way forward.”

The committee told donors that internal polling is very strong and said it has not detected any post-debate drop in Biden’s poll numbers.

Someone on the call apparently shared that the president will do more to address the nation in hopes of getting donors, the media and voters to focus on the issues rather than the debate, but they don’t want Biden to go off script.

“They want to get him out on the field… but make sure it is planned,” the source said.

“They will have teleprompters at every possible event they can,” the person added.

The Biden campaign disputed whether this was the case.

“What they said about teleprompters was incorrect,” a Biden campaign spokesperson told The Post. “No one on the Biden campaign said that.”

Joe Biden
Donors are giving Biden a two-week grace period after his disastrous debate against Trump. AFP via Getty Images

Biden addressed the nation in a White House speech Monday criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision to grant Trump, 78, absolute immunity related to official acts he committed while serving as president.

Biden, reading intently from a pair of teleprompters, declined to answer questions shouted at him by reporters about his disastrous performance in Thursday’s CNN debate or the future of his reelection campaign.

“He’s calm and focused on the future,” the source said of what Democratic officials have conveyed about Biden’s current mental state.

“Donors are not asking for their money back,” the person insisted.

A Morning Consult poll released Monday found that 44% of registered voters back Trump compared with 43% for Biden.

The poll was conducted June 28-30, in the days after last week’s debate, and showed Biden’s numbers falling from a June 16 poll in which the president led Trump by 1 point.