Millions of people watch the video of the alleged attack on the North Carolina referee

Millions of people watch the video of the alleged attack on the North Carolina referee

Millions of people watch the video of the alleged attack on the North Carolina referee

CONCORD, North Carolina (NEWS FROM THE QUEEN CITY) — A Virginia man will have to turn himself in to Cabarrus County authorities after he was caught on video allegedly shoving a referee at a wrestling match in Concord.

Court documents detail that the incident occurred on June 22, at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord.

The referee seen in the video, Sean, told Queen City News he believed the push occurred after the man seen in the video did not approve of a decision he had made during a match.

in a video posted on TikTokNow viewed over 23 million times, Sean explained that he was trying to stop an illegal movement.

“You can hear me say, ‘Let go of your leg, let go of your leg,’” Sean explained to Queen City News on Friday afternoon.

Sean, who has worked as a referee for years, said he had never had anything like this happen to him before.

“Parents yell, and that’s normal, but they don’t usually get on the mat. . . “You know, I didn’t expect that at all,” she said.

At the beginning of Saturday’s fight, the man, later identified as Joshua Hammond, reportedly complained to Sean that the fighter he was with had been hit in the eye during the fight.

“(Hammond) was complaining, you know, saying ‘he got hit in the eye’ and getting a little loud, but that’s pretty normal… I didn’t see him get hit, but the fighter took his 90-second break and then continued.”

This is where the video begins.

Sean blew his whistle to correct an illegal move that was being made.

It was at this point that a man, believed to be Hammond, could be seen walking onto the mat and pushing Sean several metres.

The man was expelled from the tournament.

Sean was not injured, but charges were quickly filed with Cabarrus County authorities.

She then posted the video on TikTok with a breakdown of what happened.

He told Queen City News that he “wanted him to answer for what he did. And at first we couldn’t find it. But then once I published it, I got more information.”

Deputies with the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia notified Sean that they had recognized the individual in the video as Hammond.

Court records indicate he was arrested and released on bail.

He is not expected to turn himself in to Cabarrus County authorities.

Sean said he still loves refereeing and teaching the next generation of great wrestlers.

Now he will do so with a little more attention to those outside the tatami.

“I’m changing my approach. I think I can turn my head more when I’m on the mound, especially if there are parents in the corner talking loudly.”