NSW Government to crack down on seatbelt non-compliance from July 1

NSW Government to crack down on seatbelt non-compliance from July 1

NSW Government to crack down on seatbelt non-compliance from July 1

By Freddy Pawle for Daily Mail Australia

21:18 June 30, 2024, updated 22:53 June 30, 2024

Drivers on NSW roads have been warned that mobile phone detection cameras are now being used to detect another offence, and there will be no “grace period” for those caught and fined for an offence.

The statewide change coming July 1 will see cameras also used to detect when a driver or passenger is not properly wearing a seat belt.

The NSW government has urged motorists to prepare for the change as there will be no adjustment period for drivers once cameras begin detecting “non-compliance” with seatbelt use.

A driver can be fined $387 and receive three demerit points if he or his passenger is not wearing a seat belt.

That fine increases to $1,245 and six demerit points if three or more passengers are found not wearing seat belts.

The state government announced the update in November as part of its Road Safety Plan 2026 in a bid to minimise deaths on the state’s roads.

Between 2018 and 2022, more than 140 people died on New South Wales roads in crashes where people were not wearing seat belts.

Drivers on NSW roads have been warned to prepare for mobile phone detection cameras to also spot people not wearing seatbelts from July 1 (pictured)

NSW Roads Minister John Graham said the improvement was “simple” as statistics showed those wearing seatbelts survived crashes twice as often.

“Enabling seat belt use through mobile phone detection cameras is an important step towards reducing unnecessary road injuries,” he said.

Mr Graham praised the “vast majority” of motorists who wear their seatbelts correctly, but warned those who do not could be fined.

“Despite five decades of enforcement and public awareness campaigns, more than 10,000 people a year are still fined by NSW Police for not wearing a seatbelt,” he said.

‘I urge all drivers and passengers to wear their seatbelts properly every time they are in a vehicle. It is a simple action and it can save your life.’

Roads and Regional Transport Minister Jenny Aitchison added the upgrade would force motorists to wear seatbelts and “save lives”.

“More than 84 percent of deaths and two-thirds of serious injuries caused by people not wearing a seat belt occur on rural roads,” Aitchison said.

The state government said there will be no “warning period” for drivers and passengers who fail to wear their seat belts correctly (file image)

“Do not speed, do not drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, do not drive when tired, do not use a mobile phone while driving and always wear a seat belt.

“It’s a small action that can make a big difference in preventing injuries and saving lives.”

Approximately 29 drivers and passengers are killed and 76 seriously injured in New South Wales each year due to not wearing a seat belt.

Police will continue to enforce seat belt rules after the change.

The New South Wales government has also pledged that every dollar raised from upgrading mobile phone cameras would go towards road safety campaigns.

The same practice is already applied to revenues obtained through camera-based fines, such as speed cameras, red light cameras and average speed cameras.

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