Colorado champions on their way to gold: Army sniper eyes Paralympic Games

Colorado champions on their way to gold: Army sniper eyes Paralympic Games

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – From combat to the shooting range, U.S. Army Sergeant John Joss feels most comfortable when carrying a gun. He is currently the national record holder and has a good track record competing in France, and he hopes the good luck continues this summer.

Sergeant. Joss is one of the best prone rifle shooters in the world at 50 meters and perfection is the norm in his sport.

“I’m shooting well, I see well and I hope to do well at the Games,” says Sgt. Josh.

Sergeant. Joss has been shooting for Team USA for over a decade and has called Colorado Springs home since 2019.

“This inner ten ring is what you’re trying to hit and it’s 10.4 millimeters wide, about half the size of a dime,” says Sgt. Josh.

He became a sniper in the army. After enlisting in 2004 and serving in combat in Iraq, Sgt. Joss was caught in an ambush.

“I was injured in Iraq in 2007 and they rehabilitated me, I lost my right lower extremity and there was a big rehabilitation process, but once I was done I stayed in the military, I was able to stay, I had to fight to stay,” says Sgt. Josh.

Awarded a Purple Heart for bravery, Sgt. Joss’s right leg was amputated at the shin. But that hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

“People, my friends, didn’t know for years,” says Sgt. Josh. “I usually wear jeans just because they’re comfortable. But I have to, I can’t stop walking, so you get used to it.”

And finally Sgt. Joss was sought after for his impressive skills on the field.

“I think within 8 months I had already become a World Cup medalist and my career took off from there,” says Sgt. Josh.

After a long and impressive career with the United States Shooting Team, Sergeant Joss has things clear and is ready for what will be his third and final Paralympic Games.

“These are my last Games and I’m retiring, so I’m not going to stress out as much. I’m just going to have fun like I did when I started and let’s do it, you know,” says Sgt. . Josh.

Sergeant. Joss will have 50 minutes to take his best 60 shots at the Paralympic Games. He hopes to qualify for the finals and maybe even get on the podium. In 2018, he won a silver medal at the Shooting Para Sport World Cup in France, which has the same scope as the Summer Games. Hope to repeat your luck this summer!