TSA anticipates busy 4th of July weekend for travelers

TSA anticipates busy 4th of July weekend for travelers

TSA anticipates busy 4th of July weekend for travelers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Transportation Security Administration anticipates a busy Fourth of July weekend for travelers after reporting a record number of travelers being screened on Sunday across the country.

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Matthew Satterwhite was one of the travelers.

“My flight out of Rochester, New York, I’ve never seen it busier than it was yesterday,” Satterwhite said.

It’s the same sentiment we heard from airline passengers, over and over again today at Jacksonville International Airport.

They advise that if you are flying within the next week, be patient and arrive at the airport early, as your airline suggests.

“You won’t get the seats you want, you won’t get the travel experience you’re used to, it’s just different. Pack accordingly and arrive on time,” said Ashley, an airline passenger.

Another passenger talked about how the parking lots are filling up quickly.

“It’s busy, yeah, all the hourly shops that are normally open are gone, so we’re in the daily shop, hoping to pay hourly prices,” Auri said.

Another passenger said it was busy for a Tuesday.

“It’s crazy, there’s a ton of traffic, there was no parking in the parking lot, it was abnormally busy for a Tuesday,” Ariel said.

According to the TSA, the agency screened 3 million travelers on Sunday, breaking the record for the number of people screened in a single day.

TSA expects to screen more than 32 million flyers between Thursday, June 27 and Monday, July 8, over the July 4 holiday weekend.

TSA expects the peak travel day to be Friday, June 28, and said it is committed to meeting its wait time standards, which are 10 minutes or less for TSA Precheck and a wait time of 30 minutes or less at standard control lanes.

The Federal Aviation Administration hosted a virtual event with air traffic professionals and a National Weather Service meteorologist to discuss how the FAA and the Command Center are handling summer heat and travel volume.

They also discussed what is being done to keep planes safe during adverse weather conditions.

“If you fly from Atlanta to Los Angeles, the planes are not going to want to go through those storms, and we want them to go through, so we will reroute those planes,” said Walter Williams, FAA National Operations Manager. .

See the full FAA report below.

Travel experts said airports are busier than ever because of the summer holiday season, Fourth of July weekend, and travelers have more independence than ever to work virtually anywhere in the country.

The record fliers also indicate that the country’s economy is strong and that Americans have money to travel to other cities and states.

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