Voting rights groups call on Florida elected officials to combat election misinformation • Florida Phoenix

Voting rights groups call on Florida elected officials to combat election misinformation • Florida Phoenix

Voting rights groups call on Florida elected officials to combat election misinformation • Florida Phoenix

With concerns about election misinformation and misinformation sweeping through this year’s election cycle, a group of Florida social justice and voting rights groups are asking all state and county elected officials to be aware of election laws. and communicate that information accurately to their constituents.

More than two dozen groups, led by All Voting is Local Florida, the Florida NAACP State Conference, Common Cause Florida and the ACLU of Florida, have written a letter to state legislators and county commissioners highlighting the critical role they play in the fight against fraud. information.

“While misinformation and disinformation about our elections have circulated for many years, the 2020 election acted as an impetus to sow doubt about the security of our voting systems, particularly regarding falsehoods perpetuated around security and reliability. of vote by vote. -votes by mail”, the letter begins.

“All electoral misinformation is dangerous; According to POLITICO, ‘misinformation alone has now become the greatest threat to electoral integrity in many countries around the world, meaning that what electoral authorities have traditionally considered their greatest obligation: organizing technically competent, free and fair, it is no longer enough. ‘”

The letter lists nine specific issues that lawmakers should be aware of, including maintaining voter rolls; logic and accuracy testing of voting equipment; paper ballots; mail-in vote count reports; relates; Certification; audits; manual counts; and massive challenges.

Take hand recounting, for example: Florida law does not allow it, although many “election integrity” advocates have been pushing for it since the 2020 election. A bill sponsored by Pinellas County Republican Berny Jacques and Lake County Republican Taylor Yarkowsky in the state House (HB 359) would have authorized counties to manually count ballots at the precinct level, but it never received a hearing in any committee during the most recent legislature. session.

Regarding the maintenance of voter lists, the groups note that “(it is) particularly important to emphasize that, unless the voter requests it in writing, moves out of the state or dies, or the voter is determined to be ineligible, Your name cannot be removed from the statewide voter registration system no later than 90 days before the date of a federal election. For the primary elections on August 20, the 90-day deadline was May 22, 2024.”

Massive challenges

And regarding mass challenges, the letter tells lawmakers they may receive lists from private organizations or individuals that name potentially ineligible voters and request that election officials remove them from voter rolls. The groups’ response?

“First, it is important to understand that Florida law prohibits the use of non-governmental entities to perform list maintenance,” they write.

“These types of lists are intended to circumvent Florida laws governing the voter challenge process, and submitting these requests to election officials validates the actions of these individuals. Florida law only allows challenges during a 30-day period before and on Election Day, and they must come from a registered voter or poll watcher in the same county as the voter being challenged. Challenges must be delivered to the supervisor of elections or the clerk or inspector at a polling place and not sent by email. mass to other officials.”

The letter comes as an insurgent group of Republican rivals are running for county supervisor of elections on a platform that questions the operations of individual incumbent supervisors across the state, with most of those candidates strongly challenging the results of the presidential election. 2020, as reported by Phoenix. last month.