Baldwin Hills Residents Await Repairs on La Brea Avenue – Telemundo 52

Baldwin Hills Residents Await Repairs on La Brea Avenue – Telemundo 52

Baldwin Hills Residents Await Repairs on La Brea Avenue – Telemundo 52

Part of La Brea Avenue in Baldwin Hills has been closed for more than a year after mudslides caused by the 2023 storms soaked the Los Angeles neighborhood.

During that time, the right side of the northbound highway has become a space where large amounts of trash and debris accumulate.

Neighbors in the area wonder why it has taken so long to repair this part of the street.

Regina de Jesús, who lives in the area, says she drives through the area to go to work.

“During the time I use La Brea there is traffic and it is very dense. Before it was a little easier, because La Brea has three lanes that worked very well,” he said, adding that now the situation is different. “When the light turns green, you don’t have three lanes to go through La Brea. The first lane was closed a long time ago.”

Just after the traffic light on Don Lorenzo Drive, one of the lanes begins directing drivers to the center lane. A few meters ahead, there is a barricade where one of the landslides occurred. In recent weeks, the closed area has been filled with trash.

The first time one of the lanes of La Brea Avenue was closed was on March 15, 2023, when a landslide trapped at least two cars on that street, and another flow of debris blocked a street after a tree and mud crumbled from a hillside beneath a house. .

“Now people started throwing garbage in that empty space,” de Jesús said. “A mattress, some kind of chairs,” he added.

Who should repair La Brea Avenue?

Heavy rains over the past two years have caused damage in different areas of California. Other stretches that were damaged during the 2023 storms, and even during the early 2024 storms, have already been repaired, including in areas such as Woodland Hills, the Pacific Coast Highway and Chatsworth.

Topanga Canyon Boulevard, for example, reopened on June 2, three months ahead of schedule, and the opening was celebrated by Governor Gavin Newsom.

However, people who live or work near other damaged streets have been waiting for them to be repaired.

La Brea Avenue is one of the streets that connects South Los Angeles residents to other parts of the city. The landslides that affected the area in 2023 and 2024 not only caused landslides that blocked the streets, but also affected the homes located on the hills in that neighborhood.

The affected stretch of La Brea Avenue is located right on the border between Los Angeles County and the city of Los Angeles.

Telemundo 52 Los Angeles contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and in a statement they responded: “We serve the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The location indicated in your query is under the jurisdiction of the city of Los Angeles.”

Telemundo 52 also reached out to the City of Los Angeles Department of Works and Public Affairs, but has so far not received a response as to when repairs to the road can be expected to begin, or if it will remain closed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, neighbors are still waiting for answers.